Alleged Penn State Victim Speaks

Man claims he told Penn State officials he was abused by a former professor.
5:36 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Alleged Penn State Victim Speaks
Shocking scandal that seems only to be getting bigger now a new accuser. Is speaking out against Penn state university tonight saying that he was abused by a professor there. But that the school treated him with hostility when he spoke up this. After yesterday's stunning development a flat public denial from former football coach Jerry sandusky that he sexually abused young boys. Well tonight here a mother of one alleged victim tell us what she thinks of that denial. Here's ABC's Jim Obama. Ten days after the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State first erupted the once tranquil happy valley continues to roll out. Amid horrifying allegations against former defensive coach Jerry -- -- In an interview last night with NBC's Bob Costas -- dusty admitted to showering with young boys from his second mile charity -- the team's locker room. Okay illusion -- in. Horsing around. And he actually turned bullish dollars on -- was. Actually sliding. Across. The floor and and we were -- -- -- possibly likes snapping a tunnel horseplay. He hesitated when asked -- he was sexually attracted to young boys. The most sexually attracted to the stage -- Sexually attracted -- -- either I enjoy young people. ID -- love to be around them. Eight. I -- but no I'm not sexually attracted to him -- tonight. In an ABC news exclusive the mother of one of send -- these alleged victim spoke out. Saying she's disgusted and outraged by -- -- these denials. It's sicken me he would be on TV trying to downplay his sure -- he's just. I think you made yourself we'll get more guilty. Today the key witness against sandusky former assistant coach Mike McCurry. Was seen shopping in state college as he prepares to testify about the most heinous crime of all those listed in the indictment. That he witnessed a ten year old pinned to the team's locker room shower wall in march of 2002. Raped by then coach sandusky. A claim sandusky denied last night -- asserted that also. What would be his motive to -- You have to ask him out. We did ask that the query repeatedly declined to comment as if you won't do. -- -- to send us -- last night. But -- emails sent to his friends this week but Couri for the first time says he Dudley told Joseph Paterno about the attack he told police. According to the Associated Press he wrote. I did stop not physically but make sure it was stopped when I left that locker room. I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police. And -- attorney told ABC news today his client wanted to tell the world he's not -- -- a -- And while he regrets showering with the boys he's just a job coursing around in the locker room. I think it's important for people who -- -- and those who say. I did not sexually assault kids -- love -- so -- -- But speaking publicly may have done more harm than good if you were his lawyer thought that by going public. And suggesting -- showers. It wasn't sexual assault. -- that was gonna somehow helping in the court of public opinion. They were either crazy or totally deluding themselves. Tonight and tonight let exclusive another allegation of sexual abuse by -- Penn State faculty member. And again accusations that the university protected its own rather than protected children. Paul McLaughlin was just eleven years old when he alleges that the -- Penn State childhood development professor. Jack -- were sexually abused him over a period of four years between 1976. And 1980. Unfortunately predators that's what they -- to a -- specialize in areas. Were children where they have access to children. McLaughlin says he repressed his memories of the alleged abuse but it 2002. Decided to control companies with this part of his therapy. He claims he recorded conversations in which needs with a committed to performing oral sex -- o'clock. But he says what he went to the university -- complaints he was turned away. I was treated with hostility. Denials I was told -- my complaints were hearsay. Despite the fact that I offered to tape recorded evidence McLaughlin says the Penn State authorities refused to even investigate his claim. They said they wouldn't be investigating anything of that nature. -- -- worth was a respected and important part of Penn State and basically how dare you make such an accusation. McLaughlin filed a civil lawsuit against -- -- which was settled for an undisclosed amount of monies worth tonight all the allegations. -- with retired in 2002. But remained affiliated with the university. Penn State officials declined to comment on the clock those claims but it could be a legal nightmare for the school. If a plaintiff's lawyer can argue that there was a patter. That sexual abuse or salt complaints. -- need to the university. And that they just sort of disappear. That's a classic civil lawsuit. Legends -- a community real says police say more victims are coming forward with claims of sexual abuse and cries for help allegedly ignored. Put Nightline I'm Jim Avila in state college Pennsylvania.

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{"id":14961530,"title":"Alleged Penn State Victim Speaks","duration":"5:36","description":"Man claims he told Penn State officials he was abused by a former professor.","url":"/Nightline/video/alleged-penn-state-victim-speaks-14961530","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}