Madoff Suicide Pact

Ruth Madoff says she and husband took pills in December 2008.
3:51 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Madoff Suicide Pact
Stunning new revelation in the story of Bernard Madoff the man behind the colossal Ponzi scheme that bilked thousands of people. Out of millions of dollars tonight his wife of more than fifty years. Silent since his arrest has spoken for the first time about it publicly ABC's Brian Ross who has reported extensively on the Madoff case. Joins us now Brian. Soviet mrs. Madoff is now saying that the shame of being Bernie and Ruth Madoff actually led the couple to try suicide. So while there may be some who doubt her new version of events there is no doubt that this is a family that has been torn apart. Bernie and Ruth Madoff tried to kill themselves on Christmas C in this New York City penthouse apart. He was just two weeks after Madoff had been arrested. And his thousands of victims realized He had cheated them out of billions of dollars. They both face death threats and hate mail. I don't know who -- was -- was. But we decided to kill ourselves because. It was. It was so horrendous. What was happening we had terrible phone calls -- now. Just. And I can't I just can't -- morning. Route than Bernie high school sweethearts and -- married fifty years when He was arrested she chose to side with him over her sons who had turned him in. To the outrage of her friends. And even -- secretary. She -- belong to us. I'm sure -- painful and it. On that Christmas Eve Ruth says she went around the apartment gathered some precious jewelry and sent them off to friends and relatives as a final gesture. That's when I packed up some things to send my. Hansen locally and -- for. Things. I'm now -- it was Christmas Eve. -- -- -- We took pills. -- woke up the next. -- -- -- I think and the end -- I don't even. I had I had to cool He had it -- -- anymore. It was very impulsive. -- -- -- -- Her account of the Christmas -- suicide pact is questioned by nick this. The head of the private security firm hired to guard Bernie during house arrest. He was inside the apartment that night until about 7 PM sitting there with them talking. I didn't see anything unusual nothing that was suggests they were about to take a bunch of pills and try to kill -- That's correct. It was last year that the -- -- eldest son mark did take his life. Hanging himself in his New York apartment on the second anniversary of his father's arrest. Marks widow Stephanie told Chris Cuomo of ABC news 20/20 that mark felt Ruth was wrong to stand by burning instead a person. He could understand how she could continuously. Standby. This man who ruined so many lives who will -- his life you blame Ruth yes. I'm angry at her very angry at her. Ruth -- -- -- in Florida after Madoff went to prison even dying her hair red. In an effort to avoid being recognized when she returned to New York. Ruth Madoff has been allowed by federal authorities to keep more than two million dollars now lives in Boca Raton Florida. -- denied knowing anything about her husband's massive scheme saying her close friends and even her own sister are among the victims who lost every.

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{"id":14823444,"title":"Madoff Suicide Pact","duration":"3:51","description":"Ruth Madoff says she and husband took pills in December 2008.","url":"/Nightline/video/bernie-madoff-wifes-suicide-pact-14823444","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}