Blind Chef Is 'MasterChef' Winner

Christine Ha navigates a world of sharp knives and hot stoves without the sense of sight.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Blind Chef Is 'MasterChef' Winner
For most people cooking a gourmet meal is no easy task and a good -- but imagine navigating the world of sharp knives hot surfaces and sizzling oils without being able to see. Such was the challenge of the young blind chef who just wowed the judges to win master chef. And she told ABC's -- Owens should this. A surprise ending his part of the recipe for good reality TV -- this sending. Chris thing. Nothing short of a shocker. After all the winner of he is blind. -- -- -- -- victory began weeks ago with these first tentative steps onto the national stage. We've never had. I -- contestants welcome thank you. Week after week it's like catfish raised in clay -- the Houston woman manages to whip up culinary masterpieces. And of the -- -- I see everything. After I can't meet with only her senses of taste smell and touch -- -- there. Most delicious addition of Tyson is -- to since -- congratulations. You. All of our. The judges do give her some help this is finishing my a died at my age -- pretty much my high to level the playing field she doesn't. Affirmation of this tape like -- or anything like that other than that she faces the same time constraints. Same stress. I didn't -- better. Those same withering criticism from the judges. It takes a dreadful -- mosque a mosque including the notoriously tough Gordon Ramsey walked -- and that's. Of hell's kitchen fame this days in front of you as to what's performance in this competition. I think there's a lot of people that completely discounted me Andy because there as a TV give -- for ratings. Christine says she's able to do this mainly because she wasn't born blind. Can you see anything. I see shadows. I think if you weren't speaking -- you were perfectly still I would have no idea that you're sitting right in front of me. She lost nearly all of her eyesight about five years ago after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. That attacks the optic nerves. When I lost my vision I tried to make a peanut butter jelly feelings tonight. Remember -- getting all over the counter I was wondering at that time I would ever -- weekends. But it's still not easy. We're headed toward Gary as we've witnessed when Christine and her husband John went shopping we feel it. Actually maybe get more she was determined to make me one of her favorites. Homemade ice cream. In an unusual flavor. Honey lavender. It's hard not to be impressed as she feels her way through the recipe. Only occasionally needing my help to rival -- measurement how much Steve spill. Modern what you tell me -- I already -- -- Which is amazing her kitchen does have a few special terminals are talking thermometer. Homemade -- bumps on the stove and admit so large they look like they belonged to an astronaut. Somehow it all comes together should ideally like Gordon Ramsay Hampshire went -- on time -- ethnic and -- The ice cream is good but it's not my opinion that counts the real judges awarded -- -- -- million dollars. I just want people to. Realize that they have -- in themselves that they really want to to really achieve what you really want to prove yourself to the world and and everyone is very capable much more capable than they think are. Advice from a young woman who lost -- sight but still managed to win it all. I'm Brian -- for Nightline. Cookbook is in stores next week casting for next season starts now.

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{"id":17214566,"title":"Blind Chef Is 'MasterChef' Winner","duration":"3:00","description":"Christine Ha navigates a world of sharp knives and hot stoves without the sense of sight.","url":"/Nightline/video/blind-chef-masterchef-winner-17214566","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}