Exclusive: 'Spiderman' 2.0

Exclusive interview with Bono and The Edge on their Broadway show "Spiderman."
6:00 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Exclusive: 'Spiderman' 2.0
It's a legendary comic book -- teenage whiz kid Peter Parker bitten by a radioactive spider. And turned into our beloved Spider-Man but when the musical version of Spiderman previewed on Broadway. It was is plagued with problems performers were seriously injured. And reviews were just dreadful but now the most expensive show in Broadway history may just be this season's most surprising hit. My co anchor Cynthia McFadden brings us this encore report. It is death defying stunts like these that -- Spider-Man. One of the most anticipated Broadway shows in recent memory. -- -- -- -- about 4045 miles an hour and Chris Tierney is one of those flying Spider-Man. Wow I'd rather have been -- As compelling evidence to watch the audience -- -- more and watch it I'm yeah. It's hard to believe he's back in the air performing the very same stunts that -- -- shut the showdown last December. Tierney was in the life threatening accident falling thirty feet below the stage. Three vertebrae performance. In my skull Brian -- That's some pretty good scars that there uniting Chileans say. A much -- that while. -- within the day he came back to work months ahead of schedule of welcome back -- who represents a total spirit -- this company is at a hearing last. Kenya's recovery seem to though much faster than the shadows. -- -- serious accident delayed opening night six times predicted growth Broadway protocol. Published scathing reviews of the show months before it opened -- -- So I've never read quite so -- -- -- reviews. Things like the New York Times it may rank among the worst musicals ever made the Washington Post shrill and -- that masks what did you guys think what you read. Any sort of stuff -- we were saying backstage. I mean seriously and director Julie Taylor -- Brian -- -- did not agree Judy would not accept is that you know she got very. Close to it so close perhaps that she couldn't see -- -- We were going and coming back and we could see very clearly. What we -- with the problems. And she didn't think they Wear it as big a problem. As as we did. Problems like this much ridiculed number -- a speech full of giant spiders dancing in high -- Critics -- at the plot was unclear the emotion modeled. An appointment but you just because you say look. You are too close and this is where reading -- moral moral time and other people's money and we actually got to stop. And Texas. Julie Tama was pushed out in marks and declined to be interviewed for this story. Producers buy a new team to -- -- -- the show. Cast and crew began working double duty carry -- So. Yes well -- in new songs and scenes during the day. While performing at night. -- Clooney plays Peter Pan handle on. Her game is generally ten to six in rehearsals effects the theater. And warm -- for the showed it says much says the 10 AM to midnight day every game this point. Yeah they added more about Peter Parker the relationships with his family. The love story. Things that maybe. Okay. Thinking about what makes Peter Parker -- superhero. Is his special -- I think we've failed. Because I think what makes Peter Parker superheroes is his personal integrity. Something about him cut from queens. New Yorker. Who puts people first patent. That's the essence of the story. They remove some minor characters. -- -- -- -- Win -- -- in preview. Spider-Man 2.0 that is standing ovation. Backstage the -- it's a. Some -- and that was our first preview of this version. I -- keep working and make it better and better and better and better but I was a real victory for us tonight. Is it next. Question that's on the way to being fixed -- what we would say. The important things of Netflix announce the details. Anything. 80%. In. Another the last 20% come in the weeks. Had to be ready for a moment sir and work. Yeah. Matt Damon. -- was Cindy Crawford William Nielsen and Steve Martin gave each and that's the back of president Clinton's head right there. But the first -- came out to and they were harsh. A bloated monster said -- extravaganza without a single genuine showstopper sent another. New York Times says no -- to -- ungodly indescribable mess it was in February. It's just a war. But audiences often defied critics and -- -- beaten many adversaries. Was more than anything.

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{"id":15237469,"title":"Exclusive: 'Spiderman' 2.0","duration":"6:00","description":"Exclusive interview with Bono and The Edge on their Broadway show \"Spiderman.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/bono-edge-spiderman-broadway-spidey-musical-15237469","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}