Breaking Down Super Tuesday Results

ABC's Matt Dowd give his take on the GOP outcome.
4:15 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Breaking Down Super Tuesday Results
-- -- -- of tight and tough Republican primaries this Super Tuesday as we dug earlier Mitt Romney is the apparent winner of crucial Ohio but not by much. Only a narrow lead over -- conservative opponent Rick Santorum is critical state. And I'm joined now Beijing -- -- political analyst Matt -- that was there's a good night or a bad night. -- -- -- I think in the end it -- Campaigns are always about what happens today and I think this was a bad night for Mitt Romney if you had given them this night so here's what's gonna happen three days ago are told everybody that went so that was a good night -- as the court and that things went on. This was that did not meet expectations. And even though as -- just talked about he's got the math the delegate math and -- and he lost this moment this was a moment that he had. To Begin to coalesce the party unify the party not only -- and -- will be the nominee because of the delegate -- But basically say I'm the one that's gonna lead us against Obama he lost that argument tonight he still may be the nominee he's the likely that still the front runner. But he -- he's a very weak in front runner after tonight. And we should say that the delegate math is is essentially what the -- people are saying. That it's virtually impossible. For Rick Santorum to get to the necessary number to win the nomination because you got to run the table. And so they say -- give up as well as well I think what Rick Santorum strategies. Enemies in his heat -- -- a -- listen to that kind of thing but the hope his whole point will be. All I have to do is keep him Mitt Romney from getting to 11144. Delegates and if he can -- start winning out win three in a row as we talked about. In the states coming up and then -- some big states later on like Texas. But he's -- basically start proving to the party and other people in the party is do we want to nominate this very weak candidate in the fall against Barack Obama. That will be. Rick Santorum strategy and only to help with you know I was out in Ohio one of things I noticed we're -- but this is that unlike old. Previous contested primaries there's not a lot of terrible fierce bitter antagonism between McCain so sure there are some people who despise Mitt Romney -- central. It's as if Romney doesn't even really inspire people to hate him. No I mean that's a big part of this there's no connection at any debt. Our heart level with Mitt Romney not even an even a negative or positive way and that's been a problem for this entire seven months of this campaign process. This process has always been this campaign is how he's been. Mitt Romney. Vs Mitt Romney and will -- that Mitt Romney won Mitt Romney connect. And met them. Mitt Romney lost tonight to Mitt Romney for and that's what happened tonight and Rick Santorum was the beneficiary of that campaign going are gonna put you in -- democratic White House from an imaginary only. And what are -- look at this what do they say. I and there are enjoying this process very much they're saying the longer this goes on the bloodier it gets the more -- against the fight going on the better for them -- you've seen in the course of this process. Mitt Romney's -- -- rating in the course of this campaign has gone up fifteen points. Counter that with what happened in 2008 even in there was a tough fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- Obama's. Favorable waiting went up twenty points in the course of that race and so what they're hoping for -- this keeps going goes till June. Mitt Romney ultimately wins this in a very delegate math sort of way without Everett inspiring anybody. And red hair and -- bringing the country together of the Republican Party together and they had a very weak front under that they just unload on come July. And Rick Santorum one of the things he's trying to do actors connect. With blue collar voters saying I am one of -- he's not. What I think that's been fairly very successful even in the places like Michigan that he's lost. He won a lot of those voters he -- he won a lot of those voters in Ohio tonight he's winning a lot of those voters in the south. Throughout this that south when he won those states and south. That is a problem because those are the voters. In the fall that are inside this election is the blue collar. White collar voters middle class voters are gonna decide this election and those are voters that as of yet have come to Mitt Romney. And Rick Santorum still gonna go after more -- -- few weeks ended he's gonna go after until June -- warrior had good thanks very much. Well up next. Return of the HBO film that got Sarah pain you're seeing red.

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{"id":15865948,"title":"Breaking Down Super Tuesday Results","duration":"4:15","description":"ABC's Matt Dowd give his take on the GOP outcome.","url":"/Nightline/video/breaking-super-tuesday-results-15865948","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}