Bridal Boot Camp: Looking Great to Walk Down the Aisle

Part 1: Three brides challenge themselves to lose excess weight for their big day.
8:08 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for Bridal Boot Camp: Looking Great to Walk Down the Aisle
and now it's time to report to bridalicious bootcamp. Go, jump it up, go down. This is week one of basic training. And down, let's go! Thesee in a battle against the bulge. No quitting until the final fitting! They're actually all brides to be. Raw ready to quick? Yes. Except for me. I'm not even getting married. I don't know why I'm here. Fitting into that white dress -- if it dress don't fit, you must acquit! -- Is exactly why they're here. Welcome to bridalicious bootcamp. What doesn't kill me will only make me thinner! As if looking perfect for the big day wasn't enough, for added incentive these three brides are competing for the title of biggest bridal loser. Whoever drops the most weight over the next eight weeks will win a professional photo shoot to show off her new shape. The program normally costs $150 a month. You guys pay for this? Since we're filming their training will be free. Time to meet the contenders. Carly wants to lose 16 points within the next eight weeks. When he met me I was thin and fit and worked out all the time. She took on a second job to pay for the wedding but what she wants more can't be bought in any boutique. It's not going to be worth it if I don't look back on the pictures and say, wow, I feel like a strong, confident, beautiful woman. Amber isn't scared of criminals but 12 extra pounds on her wedding day is a completely different story. I don't want skin or anything hanging over. Outside the courtroom her toughest opponents, junk food. I'm with my co-workers. They dragged me here against my will. We have this right here. And long days sitting at her desk. I went from high school to college to law school to taking the bar. I never really put as much time in working out and being healthy. I love it. I just love it. Sarah has been fantasizing about her big day since she first made barbie marry ken. I always wanted a barbie cake. She's known her fiance chris for almost as long. They were childhood sweet hearts. I have known her since 5th grade. Her dream wedding won't be picture perfect unless she loses 15 pounds. I just have get her arms. Everybody get into pushup position. These are regular pushups. To achieve their goals the brides attend this grueling hour long class. I know your arms are burning and shoulders are tired. As many times a week as they can handle it. Arm special, the bridal trifecta. After training more than 5,000 brides, doug is so confident his trademark regiment works, bridalicious bootcamp even has a money back guarantee. The guarantee is you're going to look fabulous in your wedding dress. That's priceless. Have you ever given money back? I've actually never had to. Five minutes in and I'm dying already. Maybe I shouldn't have had that burger before class but bridal bootcamp is aboutore than working out. Before you walk down the aisle with your man you walk down the grocery aisle with this man. Doug has a lot of rules about what you should and shouldn't eat. Like stick to the perimeter. The healthiest part of the grocery store. Up and down the aisle are processed foods. Read the label. The fewer number of words in the ingredients the better. Beware of juice. Orange juice is high in sugar. Get color in your produce. Indicates different types of minerals. Don't go crazy on the nuts. Just because they're healthy don't mean you can go crazy. Armed with helpful hips they're ready for the battle ahead. How will they do at home or work away from the drill sergeant's eyes. Usually I get the pulled pork sandwich and two sides with it. When we catch up with amber she's trying to avoid lunch break temptations but it turns out friendly faces aren't so innocent. We eat a lot of fried chicken, a lot of bash bu. Sandwiches like this big. Anita bakes cookies all the time. What did you bake today? Cookies. So I had to basically say no to the e-mail when she says come down and get cookies. Sticking to the diet is a struggle. At bootcamp amber is surging ahead. My endurance has gotten so much better. I'm able to run full speed, not stopping, not out of breath. Carly is having a tough time keeping up. Slightly discouraged. The group of girls here are a lot more fit. You can't help but compare yourself. You think what more can I do than what I'm doing right now, you know? 3, 2, 1, stop! She's trying to eat healthier at home. Right now I am attempting to cook healthy lettuce wraps. Making the chicken, cabbage. You're still getting something where you feel like, okay, I can do this life-style and not just eat lettuce. Will this be enough to keep her in the race? I have to remind myself it's only up from here. By week three just showing up is becoming a challenge for sarah. I didn't go to bootcamp thursday or saturday. I struggled with food and eating out. I did not stick to my plan. All right, we're here in gal investston, texas. Last night we went out. Work some type of fish into your daily diet. I had fried seafood. Not fried. It was definitely worth it and I'll pay for it next week at the camp. Halfway through the competition and the big day is fast approaching. It's time to track their pro progress. Only four and a half pounds down, sarah has a long way to go. Not where I want to be, heck no. It seems amber's three times a week workouts are paying off. You've been really well. Lost 8.2 pounds in the last month. Yay! Good job. Very nice. Carly is giving amber a run for her money. You're doing fantastic. I'm happy. I feel good. One week later and no more weight loss, she fears she's losing momentum. This has been the most challenging for me, just balancing everything between working both jobs -- would you like another glass of wine or coffee? And attending bootcamp. I'm trying to dig deep into why I'm doing this and why I want

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{"id":19633864,"title":"Bridal Boot Camp: Looking Great to Walk Down the Aisle","duration":"8:08","description":"Part 1: Three brides challenge themselves to lose excess weight for their big day.","url":"/Nightline/video/bridal-boot-camp-great-walk-aisle-19633864","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}