British Man Rewards Fourth Place Olympians

Dave Mitchell uses his own money to create and mail pewter medals to fourth-place athletes.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for British Man Rewards Fourth Place Olympians
-- -- of the fourth placement and well I think it's it's an obvious. Feel lots of people Condit -- -- if -- with anything. And on favorite to some of them something about a -- of it but the thing stopping at three is nowadays too soon to. I think a -- will be back to balance with the stunned the competitiveness of it and beat it to -- Please accept the enclosed metal and sincere appreciation of the fantastic achievement but you'll fourth place in New London Olympic Games 20040. Without aberration and best wishes. -- -- -- -- brigades of 1960. My heroes. Great long distance runners from Austrian museum that it can -- want everyone else off the pace of the and maligning the team to -- Well his performance is now with scarcely -- it again. How many of these have you sent -- we've sent about a dozen. -- of another right vote and sent. On the spread among different nations -- schools. An -- Britain's I'll have to send one two discipline. Britain's example -- Coordinate it telling me what is neither. Well this is a mystery that the manufacturers seem to. Over the properties seeing. -- I think to unto me -- into the into -- in the business of into the future yes. I think it's something very but he soon. So we -- for. I don't know we still hopeful yes -- And I don't do next Olympics no benefits no not audit requiring --

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{"id":16951690,"title":"British Man Rewards Fourth Place Olympians","duration":"3:00","description":"Dave Mitchell uses his own money to create and mail pewter medals to fourth-place athletes.","url":"/Nightline/video/british-man-rewards-fourth-place-olympians-16951690","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}