Busted! Are You in 'The Slammer'?

One of the country's fastest growing newspapers prints only mug shots.
5:20 | 01/07/12

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Transcript for Busted! Are You in 'The Slammer'?
Innocent until proven guilty -- tell American justice is supposed to work. But it doesn't always look that way especially with mug shots pictures snapped in the harsh light of a police precinct. Mug shots captured suspect at their very worst. And that partly explains the controversy over fast growing newspaper that splash is a mall over the front page here's ABC's right now. -- -- -- the scarlet letter is sent in colonial America. I'll let that. It. Fast forward a few hundred years and -- is back humiliation. -- off the presses. Those prices flying by on the printing press or mug shots the content of what may be this country's fastest growing newspaper. The slammer. -- remains -- each week more than a 100000 copies are delivered to convenience stores in eleven major cities since the next week. I would say it -- like. Readers sometimes lined up to pay a dollar for a first look at who was arrested the previous week. The slammer publishes every suspects -- no matter how -- the crime. The editors group the pictures together. The Wrigley row schools that had -- out and lock down those who lap it up and. -- so long seems to be a reader favorite every time period is adults people I think maybe. The -- and sympathize with bad air days. -- corn -- publishes the slammer from here in Raleigh, North Carolina. He came up with the idea for years ago and used his parents many van to deliver the first editions did you have any sort of journalistic background -- newspaper background. If you count delivering newspapers or reading the newspaper. This one time Paper boy now sits atop a growing media empire that critics claim does little more than exploit people. At their worst possible moment do you ever. Feel at least a little bad about what you're. I probably don't feel as bad as they do when they -- -- -- -- -- up the next morning. Not surprisingly disclaimers toughest critics are those whose faces graced the pages. Nineteen year old Brian Peter and says the slammer jinx them. He picked up a copy one week the next week he was in it. -- -- -- -- Some people that are -- and in this site in this crazy next thing you know I'm the next person. And now he's in the clinic for at least six months he pleaded guilty. Raleigh defense attorney Carl -- and calls the Paper trashy and voyeuristic. And says it tramples on the rights of people who haven't been convicted of -- thing. There's not magazine that says. Freedom freedom these -- were found not guilty. -- the problem -- is that you get exposure from just an accusation. And it may just be that. The slammer may cause heartburn for civil libertarians. But there's little they can do. Mug shots are considered public records in most jurisdictions. Of all of the mug shots you have seen. What is your Paper. I think -- Milt -- -- still holding out as much of the federal a company who. Their best selling issue featured hometown senator John Edwards -- trademark grin. On the front page I think politicians have definitely figured out how to take a great mug -- Texas congressman Tom DeLay is proof of that. Senator Larry Craig of wide stance fame. Held up pretty well too. Ohio congressman Jim Traficant. Not so much. In the slammer does bring a measure of fame in fact the folks at the county jail have noticed new inmates are asking for more than a -- to their attorney. They'll ask if it's going to be in the slammer newspaper. They'll ask us to try to prevent that from occurring. The slammer occasionally shows pictures of missing persons and fugitives. Readers helped bring home this Arkansas girl. And to put this accused killer behind bars and Ohio so perhaps it's not a surprise law enforcement tends to like the Paper. But we were shocked to find out who -- support said. At least -- his money. Then -- in the interest of public disclosure. To tell you that I have from town to town had an -- in the slammer. You heard it that defense attorney who was just slamming the slammer. That's his ad on page two. Proudly proclaiming if you -- in the slammer. You need him your critics say that you are not so much and the journals and business not so much even in the humor business but in the humiliation business. -- -- -- -- I would disagree categorically people are going into the slammer for -- too loudly in church and of these people's actions have consequences. Stop using drugs slow down stop drink and driving. Stopped writing bad checks it's really not that difficult to stand down. This publisher is betting plenty of people -- follow visible lights and end up not just in jail. Monday in the slammer. I'm -- -- for Nightline in Raleigh north Caroline.

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{"id":15310486,"title":"Busted! Are You in 'The Slammer'?","duration":"5:20","description":"One of the country's fastest growing newspapers prints only mug shots.","url":"/Nightline/video/busted-slammer-15310486","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}