Catamaran Sailing Attracts NASCAR-Type Crowd

ABC's Nick Watt takes a ride on the high-speed racing boat that can reach 50 mph.
3:00 | 12/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Catamaran Sailing Attracts NASCAR-Type Crowd
When you think super high speed competitions with -- of brawny athletes you probably don't think sailboats. But the genteel sport is getting a fast -- make over an eight he's -- his own thrill seeker. That -- went along for the ride. Saving but not as we knew it. I'd like to answer -- San Francisco based sailing. Too close to the wind the most advanced -- -- aren't worth more than eight million bucks sizing. This full. On these boats that's not even -- -- -- like carbon fiber -- -- -- -- well. -- Jim -- cakes ended up like foot bull let. The skippers are lured by the big money teams with seven figure salaries -- Tests like Sam it's not -- is putting mobilizes and sitting on the saw it with a gin and tonic. That's -- -- -- portly men with one -- on the Taylor -- -- gentlemanly face off for an old hunk of silver -- the America's cup. Then I went back as a guest brace around San Francisco Bay -- Jimmy Nichols had no nonsense all the and the youngest ever America's. -- he -- for the US. Sharks. -- catamaran can fly nearly fifty miles per hour it. Terrified. Sailing has finally entered the twenty. Sentry fueled by Larry Ellison and billions and abandoned young branch athletes sailing -- -- taste of the kind of man -- -- You can see what's happened that the -- you can kept sources but you can crash them not. Please budge reward pushing -- -- the that can be catastrophic. Brazil -- lit during an America's cup World Series race here. In the bay. And it just look for letting itself for the best -- home. His team -- -- way. Or an anger on the -- 7:8 and every morning working it. The Phillies -- -- of our sake. -- -- American Fulton senior program. Those -- Running grinding pulling ropes. Sailing was kind of unit from folks at sunset yet and that. They're sailing -- -- find this news Mona -- racing you'll resolve not so long Mecca with strap top right monitors on the cause of honestly look at the results it looks like cup because having the Texas. It depends in the reassuring -- but at least I avoided the fate of another recent -- Olympia. Johnson there's real risk men and not think people watch them. As an audience that -- to see little risk. If you're not getting close to -- causing it probably not pushing out of next -- -- will defend the America's cup here. -- -- Are there ultranationalists. Wearing the blazers. Who could use that think -- -- not question. Not question and look baucus said -- but nothing against us dogs in but respect the fact is this is a white Ford and his. Rather excellent free -- It's. Just great -- -- that what we're Nightline from San Francisco Bay.

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{"id":17880676,"title":"Catamaran Sailing Attracts NASCAR-Type Crowd","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Nick Watt takes a ride on the high-speed racing boat that can reach 50 mph.","url":"/Nightline/video/catamaran-sailing-attracts-nascar-type-crowd-17880676","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}