The chaos of being inside the Las Vegas massacre: Part 2

Survivor Heather Melton felt her husband get shot in the back, while Natalia Baca says firefighter Dean McAuley saved her life.
8:03 | 10/07/17

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Transcript for The chaos of being inside the Las Vegas massacre: Part 2
I was pinned down and I couldn't get out of there. You could hear the whooh, whooh sounds. You had no idea where the gunman was, where the shots were being fired from. Please, please! Get out, get out! My boyfriend threw me to the floor, trying to protect me. It felt like a metal medicine ball, like a 100-pound medicine ball, landed me. So I got hit or I got shot. And I decided that I wanted to record every single thing that was happening. I just thought, if I'm going to die, I want my kids and my family -- to know -- to know that this is what happened. I said to sonny, we need to get down. He said, no, we can't get down because we'll get trampled. That's when he -- just wrapped his arms around me from behind and we started running. And that's when I felt him get shot in the back. And we fell to the ground. I felt the impact of the bullet in his body. Because he was holding me. I think he could hear me at first. But I couldn't tell where he had been shot there, I just saw a lot of blood. I couldn't tell. I couldn't tell, and he couldn't talk to me. I couldn't feel a pulse. Co I started doing cpr. And there was still bullets flying all around us. You're seeing people plugging holes with their fingers. Like to stop the blood, you know? And ex-military, telling everyone where to go, what to do. Stay low, keep moving, don't stop. I saw every one of these police officers running towards the danger. It was all survival but you saw the best out of everybody. I heard a medic scream she needed help, she was trying to start a line on Natalia. It was really scary thinking about like I don't know if my sister's like dead or -- just like okay or -- I don't know where she is, so -- I said, where's your mom? She said, shot in the back. I said, if you can make it out there, I promise you I'll make sure you're safe. I said, Natalia, we have to take shelter behind this suburban and I'll figure it out. We hid behind the suburban. I found a little lawn chair that was underneath it. And I put her in it. And we had a tactical guy come by and say, you guys have to get down. And I'm holding an IV bag up. You guys okay? I need to get her transport. Sat down, can I please call my dad? I called her dad, gave her the phone. She was so calm. Said, dad, I've been shot, I'm going to be okay. And I took the phone and I said, sir, I'm going to take care of your daughter, I don't know how I'm going to get her to the hospital but we'll get there. We have a team that's on the second floor of mandalay bay, we're slowly working up. The firing has stopped at this point. It gives the S.W.A.T. Team a time to take a breath. And they begin to assess the situation. Because what they don't want to do is get anybody hurt. I'm at the suspect's door. I need everybody in that hallway to be aware of it and get back. We need to pop this and see if we can get any type of response from this guy, to see if he's in there or he's actually moved somewhere else. Breach, breach, breach. They use explosives that are particularly designed to blow doors. So it blows it back in the room, toward the bad guy. It creates such a blast that it also allows law enforcement to immediately come in behind the blast. We are clearing this room, we have one suspect down. Room 135? Affirmative, one suspect down and 135, I have the floor. He had killed himself. He used a handgun. Right in his mouth. Do we have any other wounded people you can take? Two men came and helped me carry sonny off the field into a truck. Those two men performed cpr on sonny the entire way to the hospital. We ended up at a small hospital that was a nontrauma center. We were the first people there. I see this Audi. Got the guy to come over, opened up his back door. Put Natalia in the back. She was getting numb. I pulled out my phone. Searching for pictures of my dog and my wife and my son. And she was just immediately lit up. It was so cute. Because his family's so beautiful. And I love dogs. So he showed me his dog. It's white and fluffy. When we were rolling into the hospital, I saw my sister and Natalia in the wheelchair. And she was hooked up on IV, I believe. And she was just like crying. There was blood all over. But I knew she was okay. So we like said we loved you, I love you, held hands. We never really do that, so that was different. It wasn't very long before I knew he had passed. Really in my heart, I feel like it happened on the field. And they pronounced him. And I was right outside of the room. When they did. And I just kissed him and hugged him. It's like you can this be real? How can I come here to have a good time with my loved one and leave without them? We're hoping to go home today. Just waiting for the mortuary to release sonny. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined this scenario. I'm going back with two suitcases. And my husband's going to be in the cargo. This is not how I want to fly back with him. It's just -- almost unbearable to think about. The reason I'm here tonight is because of Heather Melton, her husband sonny, who died. I want more people to know the name sonny Melton than they know whoever that guy is. Who shot us. The only way I've ever fixed anything that's been broken in me is with music. So I wrote a song. ??? And when the morning sun ??? This shirt has kind of become a symbol of him, to me. And I'll always remember him wearing this shirt. I plan on burying sonny in this shirt. ??? I ask the god of all knowing wisdom ??? ??? why you and why not me ??? It's very, very emotional. Even coming back to this hospital. It's a lot of -- a lot of stuff happened here. I want to give you a hug because I didn't give you a hug for four days. Thank you for coming. You're amazing. Thank you. It's so awesome to see you. You too. This is your sister? Yes, this is Gianna. I'm Dean. I've replayed that night in my head a million times. I'll never, ever forget your spirit, your ability to stay calm. He will always have that place in my heart. This guy really did save my life.

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{"id":50340029,"title":"The chaos of being inside the Las Vegas massacre: Part 2","duration":"8:03","description":"Survivor Heather Melton felt her husband get shot in the back, while Natalia Baca says firefighter Dean McAuley saved her life. ","url":"/Nightline/video/chaos-inside-las-vegas-massacre-part-50340029","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}