Chasing Ghosts: A Paranormal Stakeout

ABC's Linsey Davis embeds with the guys from Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" in a haunted house.
3:00 | 12/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chasing Ghosts: A Paranormal Stakeout
There used to be that Americas rundown hotels and creepy basements and abandoned fairgrounds where. Relatively peaceful places for goes to moan and shake their chains and whatnot but not anymore because one team of paranormal trackers. Is on a mission to uncover the otherworldly. -- the scariest places on earth and ABC's own Lindsey Davis. Got in on the spooky action. -- -- eats the middle of the night and I'm in the basement house on Staten Island chasing ghosts. An -- They'll probably look is celeb party scene one can you please come up there -- -- into the device that she's holding -- and. And at first I -- to disguise my fear that not long after. Hundreds of engineers and my skin and begins to -- and the hair on the back of my -- we gotta go quick. He's standing straight up. Rule. In the midst of the scariest. Most notorious. Reportedly haunted places in the world you'll find these three brave souls staff nick and Aaron. It -- -- yourself behind us fight. Have -- 150%. The leaving behind there is life after death. Because I I seen an actual figure seem to -- from a -- that scared the living daylights out of me. And we all have -- and Arum both world -- all believers now. They are investigators of paranormal activity that pride themselves on debunking myths and collecting evidence with a dusk to dawn lock downs you have to come with us what you're doing tonight. And somehow they manage to talk me into tagging along for their latest investigation. At snug harbor queens Staten Island New York an investigation. That would eventually leave me standing in a darkened attic all alone. With nothing but a camera and a high frequency microphone in the hopes that -- capture -- theory talking to me or anyone in here. To figure out how I ended up there we should probably start back at the beginning exact bank and -- a documentarian. Turned. Ghost hunter who says he not only sees dead people. But talks to them when I see these buildings I don't look at empty buildings I -- time capsules. That hide secrets of the past OK these secrets -- their spirits. They're on rested. Police set up for cameras here in these areas where things have happened. And tonight when it gets dark diesel turned into night vision snug harbor was created -- 1831. As a refuge for sailors. -- -- -- remains an old haunt our final port of call for tormented souls. A lot of people have been experiencing -- activity in this building. Security officers -- the years that he's in shadow wouldn't allow thinking. -- -- in the shadow. Donald pop of its two goes by pop patrolled the campus here -- a security officer for more than a decade. Do believe this stuff. Things have gone unused phones yet -- -- -- they tell me. Anywhere that you wouldn't go buy yourself when Nstar the -- house -- -- is it exactly where I find myself. As the rightful owners yeah. -- two regions. And this is where it's -- document that number actually took place. Remember that sound we heard. We head to the adding to explore. Anybody care what whom -- you know that is -- when one person here's. -- That weren't spooky enough time has never -- -- slowly in all my life. To me the first few minutes just to Muster this is there anyone in here I'm mentally prepare for what I should say or do if by chance Dimitri appears. After five excruciatingly. Long minutes. I managed to survive without anyone or anything saying who Twomey. Lindsay yeah where are investigating. It is in. When you least expect relief doesn't begin to describe how thankful I was it didn't happen on my watch -- -- wouldn't want them. Sometimes experience. So we let -- know. For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis on Staten Island poems and harbor.

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{"id":17872348,"title":"Chasing Ghosts: A Paranormal Stakeout","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Linsey Davis embeds with the guys from Travel Channel's \"Ghost Adventures\" in a haunted house.","url":"/Nightline/video/chasing-ghosts-paranormal-stakeout-17872348","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}