Chuck E. Cheese: Hotspot for Fights?

A number of the kid-themed restaurants have had violent incidents.
1:09 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chuck E. Cheese: Hotspot for Fights?
The sad state of parenting kids birthday party is where once about -- the tail on the donkey in case but tonight we take a look at the disturbing phenomenon. Children's parties where parents start fights. And settle scores why don't think kids seem to be the natural ones and these pictures here's ABC's nick -- And some Toy Story eight shy smile -- his little friends and family gathered brand. -- -- Can you hear happy birthday. In the background. This happens and not infrequently. Bare fisted -- rolling -- threat they parties. At family restaurants. Type Chucky cheese into -- and you can Walt's wife died as multiple fights unfold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is part time that. One put myself equipment rock. There's nothing -- with Chucky cheese itself through what. RB Clifton the mother of five was attacked at a -- hired chuck. During her daughter's birthday party. Cannot say really remember is actually hitting the flow are. And my hair being just Rhett Rhett and -- and being kicked in the hat -- lady what's in theory it over are my children. Being on the picture machine -- mom. Susquehanna Pennsylvania the -- -- old from frequent visitors to -- we had about an eighteen month. Period where we were there about seventeen times. Chucky cheese wouldn't give us an interview but they sent us a statement. In 2011 over 99.9. 9% of approximately 65 million guest visits that Chucky cheeses. Occurred without incident. Despite our efforts unfortunately altercations parent with a very small percentage of those who visit. Typically the incidents are not quick hits. Regret it. Parents. What you're really seeing here is this chaos we -- psychologists. To watch these fights rules do you find this behavior. Surprising. Not really. -- party is a really emotional situations. Heightened emotions happy or sad. And quickly turned to anger and people bring unseen stresses the party. Imagine you're on a limited income and you spent all you had to make your kids day special. If you have very few resources. And this is your one opportunity to publicly state that -- show how. Good apparent you are then it's very stressful and that stress says Stevenson and quick and two months the fact that that your families judging you on how well you do this affected your children are looking up -- you for a good time the fact they've been talking about it. In today's crowded noisy -- and -- in some alcohol loosen tongues and quick and tempers and you're asking for trouble. Try wedding and fight in -- to a reminder that families don't always get -- He had -- members coming for birthday party. And perhaps it was a divorce situation -- separation. Where there was already. Uneasy feelings between family members which are longstanding. And for some people. Still ongoing. You really sometimes have. A powder keg. Chuck. In recent years we have invested millions of dollars to this and we utilized security guards and many of our locations and have active security camera systems in all. The locations. But they could stop serving alcohol at kids parties they could reduce the crowd. You -- -- staff to see these tensions before they arise between children and step in. Here's another -- Honda Melanie whoever posted this -- one of the combatants. Was actually like. For more people. That you have any room that means that more people to use all of the games and activities you can have conflicts about. You know access to play. Remember the movie mad Max faithful over limited oil. Waterworld. Pull over -- dry land. In a noisy crowded Chucky cheese they. Often fight over limited access to the games we got back close to break -- -- a birthday party Chucky -- content percent of the act normal always surprised by what tips this over the edge. Hockey games soccer games political hate. Even Black Friday and say there's a crowd mentality in sort of -- the fusion of individual responsibility. London last year -- peaceful demonstration against the flea feasting and -- City wide mayhem that lasted days. Humans live by every day for golf in an instant. And the -- us humans -- warrant you know what this environment kid's birthday party the noise the -- stressed. Chucky cheese has all the makings of -- Patrick -- All it takes is one -- And it was not -- The site.

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{"id":15933620,"title":"Chuck E. Cheese: Hotspot for Fights?","duration":"1:09","description":"A number of the kid-themed restaurants have had violent incidents.","url":"/Nightline/video/chuck-cheese-hotspot-fights-15933620","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}