Confessions of a Male Cheerleader

Michaeleddie Rivera, who competes with 'cheerlebrity' Gabi Butler, shares what cheerleading has meant for him.
1:50 | 07/11/14

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A much live -- competitive. And this is my -- -- on the stage. When the team won the last. Not a bad thing to -- have to be exacting it through we'll show you what -- -- a chance supposed to do. And it really got picked -- being -- it. Mainly because if -- something other sports I was proud about things. That it was an insecure about it oh and it can respect that -- It's not it's -- likely jumped -- -- -- -- -- -- analysts and that you that -- I was in I was getting it made -- Because they have the best -- -- its effectiveness these hypocrites and then after that. I certainly in the first and -- getting out slowly and it won't be like that -- and I think you know about indecent. -- Side of -- campaign asking them. Coated engineers -- damages but in a game in -- that about. He has brought in from the -- home different to me with a knife. And that they don't last very loan. That a third consecutive world -- In the nineteen. It would be district. This is my last. Making. Them. Six.

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{"id":24526646,"title":"Confessions of a Male Cheerleader","duration":"1:50","description":"Michaeleddie Rivera, who competes with 'cheerlebrity' Gabi Butler, shares what cheerleading has meant for him.","url":"/Nightline/video/confessions-male-cheerleader-24526646","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}