Who Is the Cruise Ship Mystery Woman?

Italian investigators look for a woman described as the captain's "shadow."
4:45 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Who Is the Cruise Ship Mystery Woman?
Tonight more questions about what the -- -- that stricken cruise liner off the coast of Italy did. In the moments after the crash one crew member told a short operator there was a blackout on board but didn't say anything about the accident. And new video tonight captures a chilling message of calm. As the ship was starting to go down ABC's -- -- has the very latest from -- As the damaged -- and fortieth cruise ship was taking on water. Revealing amateur video emerged today on an Italian newspapers web site. Showing a crew member urging passengers and life -- Not to evacuate and -- urges them to return to their cabinet tip quote stay calm and seated. Saying everything is under control. Six treacherous days -- with eight bodies identified and 21 still missing. We now know things were not under control and critics have been video today say it reveals a massive failure and safety training. Nobody -- with -- -- doing this chaos. Unfortunately I think he's -- a hundred years since the Titanic. And negotiated the Titanic there. The impact for the -- to -- -- about -- -- Today a mystery witness emerged Dominic HM more than was employed as an international has tests for Russian passengers. She was seen dining with captains -- at 9 PM just thirty minutes before the accident according to Italian reports. -- -- that he did a very good -- she said he saved over 3000 lives. Despite criticism that the captain who is facing charges of manslaughter and for abandoning the ship. -- -- done says he remained calm and ordered officers to take care of children and disabled people. I got from my last he was trying to make the -- level she says that the captain brought the vessel very close of the rocks the position is in the best way for saving lives. The new audio released today suggests -- -- downplayed the crisis on board fourteen minutes -- to impact the pool was made to a port official. It can't -- much do you have problems on board against affirmative we have the -- on board. How long has there been this -- approximately twenty minutes twenty minutes. The search and rescue operation has now turned into our recovery want because there are easy to find -- those who are missing when that's done. Then the process of pumping the hall submitting gallons of fuel on board the ship. Can Begin. A satellite photo now captures the wreckage from outer space underneath the water divers from was difficult and extreme conditions to find the missing. It was like the same -- Besides they had glass doors on that head of Vietnam's side with the verdict China and souvenirs. Beings and and that this seeing -- was on their -- Coast Guard divers are -- That's connected by ropes to ensure their safety during this -- mrs. Another problem is this a bit of the -- Yesterday -- suspended. That's because of the -- -- was morning. While nothing this catastrophic has happened in the cruise line industry in decades. Legislators say this is a wake up call to improve safety and then less than perfect industry. It is at carnival lines owned by carnival but his flag in Italy. So its international. And maritime. -- much different. -- yeah yeah. Despite the negative PR for the cruise industry officials say it hasn't stopped people from booking cruises. But industry experts -- taken to dissolves -- serious. There will be lessons learned. And -- they will be applied. Through the investigative process people have to go on -- they want to have. A feeling of security and we need to provide that to them in order to survive as a business. -- -- officials don't know how much longer efforts will go on them. Priority right now is to continue rescue employees. For costs of the storm leaving the fear now is the ship slipped off the wrong citizen perched on me and sink to the bottom of the scene. For Nightline I'm on -- house and -- GU -- city. Incredible pictures full disclosure of the Walt Disney company is the parent company of ABC and also owns the Disney cruise line which established the family cruise market. In 1998. Tomorrow night ABC's Chris Cuomo. Will anchor a special 20/20 cruise ship confidential with a look at this tragedy and what you need to know before you take a --

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{"id":15400742,"title":"Who Is the Cruise Ship Mystery Woman?","duration":"4:45","description":"Italian investigators look for a woman described as the captain's \"shadow.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/cruise-ship-mystery-woman-15400742","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}