Deep-Frying a Turkey

"Nightline's" Bill Weir's sort of safe Thanksgiving turkey deep-frying guide.
3:14 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Deep-Frying a Turkey
The Department of Homeland Security today made an appeal for public vigilance in the run up to Thanksgiving but -- not the -- you might think day. When they issued a detailed warning. About cooking Turkey in a deep Fryer complete with fiery videos depicting what can go wrong so tonight my colleague bill where. Has tips for doing it right. -- -- -- Thanksgiving. This recipe is for all of those who want to kick the other an off. Others holidays and go outside. Enjoy the nice brisk -- and -- also for those who. -- little danger it. She's making -- stuffing and cranberries. The threat -- -- I don't know massive -- fire and third degree burns now step number one. Is two go to YouTube. And type in Turkey Fryer disaster -- the front -- traffic. And there you'll see why Heidi exactly -- a water -- sober. And well away from your wood deck the first mistake all of those people made. Was over filling the -- putting too much -- so when they dropped the -- spilled over the top. And then started a fire that -- burned for weeks start -- -- your bird in the back. And in the -- Why -- but just enough water to cover the top of their just barely over the top and then that way you know. How much -- to put it. So the night before. If -- the bird -- -- -- injected with -- now you can buy the -- -- stuff there's plenty of good brands out there or. You can make your own using. Half pound of butter. -- a bottle of beer. Little bit of we're Shuster -- Us some -- seasoned salt is due to. You can use. Cajun spice you can only get creative with that but anyway gonna come -- what a nice little marinade and any one of these sort of fantastic. Dentist whom syringes. For -- You know poor little of that in there. Importance. This won't -- -- bit open your mouth. So then you stick it -- You know in the leg. Inject a little bit and there. Arrest. -- all the oil is. Getting up to 350 degrees it's a good time to remind all pets and kids they're not allowed anywhere near. The frying apparatus just be sure usually tie my child to -- At about three minutes for every child -- fifteen pound bird. -- 45 minutes to -- -- -- -- This bill -- and boys who don't burn your house down. It's foolproof. Gobble gobble everybody.

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{"id":15012804,"title":"Deep-Frying a Turkey","duration":"3:14","description":"\"Nightline's\" Bill Weir's sort of safe Thanksgiving turkey deep-frying guide.","url":"/Nightline/video/deep-frying-turkey-safely-15012804","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}