Eastwood and DiCaprio

Director Clint Eastwood and star Leonardo DiCaprio discuss new Hoover biopic.
3:00 | 11/07/11

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They are the golden boy and the cowboy Jack Dawson and dirty -- and now for the first time ever Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood. Are pooling their star power to make a big movie -- what is in the director's chair. While DiCaprio portrays one of the most complicated figures ever to cross the American stage a man with such unbelievable power. Even Hollywood couldn't make it up here's my co anchor Terry Moran. With the Nightline interview. Sitting across -- the to -- your icons of Hollywood history. Is that hard to go to work together in the slot -- Pentagon take that -- his -- would. Clint Eastwood Leonardo DiCaprio to Hollywood icons who can make any movie they want I'm I'm I'm -- they made. OJ Edgar. -- what all the power of the bureau of investigation -- without federal laws. Without arms. Without the ability to make arrests means nothing it's the story of. Controversial men in American history the feared founder of the FBI who built the bureau and ruled over -- for nearly half a century. The Federal Bureau of Investigation it is close to you at your nearest telephone call he was their well. Eight different presidents over fifty years in the sanctity of power on -- anyone -- history of our government and and that same position -- longer than it. Half behind. Evil flourishes. DiCaprio plays Hoover from his early youth he was 23. Joined what would become the FBI until his death in 1972. It's an extraordinary transformations you're wearing. A lot of make you look. Like an old man. I was doesn't intend to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Slower songs -- -- wouldn't get up out of your chair of that court. Remember those months in real life. FBI a premier investigative organization. That matters record will be sent to local police. With innovations like fingerprint labs analytic filing systems. This man is wanted for mark. Professional training for agents but he was also a man of many secrets public and private. He used the FBI to spy on everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. To Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy amassing secret files he used to blackmail in the movie -- shown presenting attorney general Bobby Kennedy. With -- extremely compromising wiretaps of his brother. -- I don't know that I have a copy of my own safe keeping it. Growing up and as a young man in the -- You think of him. Does -- hill everybody's on the men's. The top cop did you admire him. Six but Hoover had his own secrets many historians believe Hoover was a gay man. In an era when that was unthinkable for a public figure. He never married and had a lifelong remarkably close relationship with FBI associate director Klein -- soon. They ate lunch and dinner together every day vacation together and are buried within a few feet -- -- -- and I need someone who I can trust. I want you be my number two -- I wouldn't think this was going to be a movie about power and its use and abuse and it felt -- -- -- that it was almost a movie about -- It's a love story between two men no -- but it's. I didn't want to make it I didn't want to diminish it by making it. Just some sort of sexual attraction something like at a -- had to be more much more substance to it -- that. I think the way Clinton handle this -- Very tastefully done because what it did reflect was. People who. Head on unrequited. I think yearning to have that sort of connection with somebody else but. At the end of the day and protecting what was most important of them and they were reflection of their country where we're doing it. A lot he drives you to trust your own instincts he really. He sits there with a monitor and look CEO and and and the other actors and you feel like -- got to speak the truth -- that's that's perhaps in fact he. Does not a lot of people around him advising him were given union's second opinions about what she's up on screen. If he believes it he moves on she doesn't make adjustments. Would you like. Best about working. I haven't the foggiest. Affect -- -- -- -- a lot of really good actors and and -- like. Career but. It none more diligent and he is no more attentive to detail on and creating the character. The movie they've made is that kind of movie Hollywood used to make all the time being ambitious important but not so much anymore. DiCaprio seems determined to carry on the great tradition -- is even scornful of some of today's trend. I say well here's a character I can be of service to that moves me emotionally and I. Never really. Have questioned that often heard from many different people in -- nation try this genre or what to do a movie just for the sake of doing -- romantic comedy horror. Or doing science fiction film -- sort of a profound -- Time next up for him The Great Gatsby another tortured dot G American icon in 3-D. And in some ways you importantly yes. -- thank you very much. Thank you -- -- -- But as for Clint Eastwood at 81 he just keeps doing things his inimitable way when. That advantage to being sort of the senior guy. This what can they do you not just at some point in your in your life feud you've come a point where if you're gonna be is that. Call yourself a film director. Movie maker whatever people call themselves. You've got out. Have some sort of vision and and some sort of faith and that and some sort of faith in your first instincts about thing. We need men -- dedicate their lives how many is that so far Eastwood and DiCaprio Hollywood icons trusting their instincts taking risks. Just like Hollywood used to.

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{"id":14901762,"title":"Eastwood and DiCaprio","duration":"3:00","description":"Director Clint Eastwood and star Leonardo DiCaprio discuss new Hoover biopic.","url":"/Nightline/video/eastwood-dicaprio-jedgar-secrets-14901762","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}