The Exotic Pet Insurance Business

A lion attack in California that killed a woman is the latest exotic animal mauling.
6:12 | 03/08/13

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We begin tonight with the latest horrifying incident in a wave of shocking animal attacks in the US a 24 year old intern. Was mauled to death yesterday about lion at a private California zoo. Diana -- tragic story. Opens a window to a wide and dangerous world of private pet sanctuaries maintained by animal lovers. More tempting fate every single day. And -- gotten reports. It happened just after noon in this privates -- sanctuary near Fresno California. -- what is 550 pound -- -- who skews attacked 24 year old intern Diana Hanson. According to the Fresno county corner -- had stepped into the enclosure -- the African lion escaped its smaller feeding -- this is a situation where you had. Somebody was too close to life. Less than thirty minutes later sheriff's deputies arrived and began firing weapons. The hundred acre facility is home to wild cats including tigers leopards cheetahs and jaguars. It draws about 101000 visitors a year officials say the -- had a good history and also had an active permit to operate. I always felt that some days the something like this could happen -- Hanson's father told ABC news he is heartbroken. And searching for answers couldn't believe issues an alliance -- from the line and was there are still don't know how that could happen that's more -- and find out. Sanctuary guidelines are the caregivers should never be inside with the cats. Tonight the Fresno county sheriff's department is investigating. We're cooperating fully with the sheriff's department investigation hope we can determine exactly what happened earlier today to -- -- -- spoke about tragedy and again. -- staff is. It's this it's devastating. The corners report found Diana died from a broken neck she died almost instantly and only then -- -- inflicted additional wounds after her death. -- -- is just the latest in a nationwide rash of attacks and scares by exotic animals. Scandal and on -- Perrier in bearish I just saw a Walsh I got this scene we'll look at jaguar just. School social. In Zanesville Ohio more than fifty dangerous animals unleashed by -- older scampering out into the roadways. Odessa Texas the same month before year old boy multiply this 150 pound cougar kept -- a pet. This has been going on for years -- there's a long and growing casualty list of people who've been injured or killed. By dangerous while -- kept as pets. Man of all of this animal may have across the nation or. Someone has gotten very busy but took comments and -- a -- a thank you where huge -- -- It's Kelvin CC's risk and content. A lawsuit -- exotic animals shipped its one minute and turn around and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got circuses -- -- -- zoological facilities private facilities. Some people would just wanna have exotic animals because they have up interest and. And a lot of people have -- interest so much so that according to the World Wildlife Fund there are more tigers in the US. They -- captivity that wind across the world. Helmets and is the first to admit that. These animals don't necessarily make good pets. You think they're nice and their cute cuddly and all of a sudden they're grown they've never shown a propensity for being dangerous and they can turn within seconds -- -- incidents like these that. Becomes a problem should people be worried there are quite a few animals that are in facilities that should not be there -- the -- next door is something that people should know about absolutely. While the -- next door may be bad for business. They have been good for Calvin Sims business. Up 50% this year only Gallagher and think oh it's now these policies -- not -- -- understand -- three million dollar policy prior 15161000. Dollars a year. There is -- -- it is seriously and that's what these people have to commit to surprisingly. Only a dozen states require owners of exotic pets to carry liability insurance in California where -- the latest attack happened. Is only required for circuses and shows. Not for private sanctuaries in someone's backyard. But even at the places -- in -- sure where he often makes house call inspections. Aria finds problems. That this guy decides to come out -- stages on the animals gone and happens at 2 o'clock in the morning you don't know until six seminary when your veterinary field. You going you're inspections do you find that people realize it's a way in over their head a lot of people do they they want the animal -- want the baby and I just don't think they take. Enough safeguards. The -- who killed yesterday. It was just a baby -- when it made an appearance on L look at thus far I'm -- himself owns 27 lions and tigers on his Florida ranch. She's pacing back and forth like this all night long. -- just across the street 700 homes and a golf course. So what's the range of costs and its 5000 dollars Kirk's case there are -- per -- Cash is often the most significant barrier to safety. Most owners of these sanctuaries are so called interval broke. Buying the animals when they're young cute and small that before you know -- -- -- expensive. And can be deadly -- that means he's culinary comfortable. But quickly we found -- in smacks him to be true these animals may be trained. But they are not skates. For Nightline I'm Matt -- in to -- to Florida.

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{"id":18681096,"title":"The Exotic Pet Insurance Business","duration":"6:12","description":"A lion attack in California that killed a woman is the latest exotic animal mauling.","url":"/Nightline/video/exotic-pet-insurance-business-18681096","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}