Facing Animal Phobias

One tough guy is so afraid of pit bulls that even a puppy makes him cry.
3:00 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Facing Animal Phobias
The -- fear of heights there's fear of flying bears fear of water fear of the dark personally I'm afraid of snakes which makes good sense of course but. -- these no way. But for some yes way here's ABC's TJ Winick. More -- cruise is up mountain of a man with a secret just as big -- yeah. No he's terrified of pit bulls and really slow and not. Terrifying. This seat where -- breaks down in sobs -- just the sight of this puppy has gone viral on YouTube. There were probably three days' worth of comments a lot of words consulting. -- as big guy cry over the puppy. But they're nowhere when. It's -- real anxiety disorder that affects millions of Americans the most common animal phobia. In sex. -- snakes OK OK and cats. They're all fair game on my extreme animal phobia. You Animal Planet reality series. Each episode is -- five day live in course of intense therapy. On this episode we learn Marvin was just five when he witnessed something that would haunt him for the next. 42 years this pit -- -- the backyard. In this -- going crazy and attacked my neighbor arms legs. Back -- -- -- everywhere Borbon was afraid just to go outside. My wife took and took part I'm at a home. Former parks -- in the room in the park Margaret is forced to confront years of self torment to -- technique called exposure therapy. And alternate roll over and anxiety -- have to face to completion at the time. There to coach him the star of the show psychologist doctor Robbins nausea and hockey is taking notes. Slowly Marvin realizes it's not -- he's experiencing. But guilt. He was able to see that he was not so angry at -- -- was angry at himself for not closing that -- and taking responsibility. For the harm came to his friend. I wanted to see what exposure therapy is all out while -- may not have a full blown animal phobia like my boyhood hero Indiana Jones -- Snakes and I just don't get along. Stephen Garrett had a little surprised RS that's surprise. Not so little. Fifteen foot long 154. Pound Burmese python. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does that feel as -- incident isn't it it -- really you know. Maybe maybe not okay this really you are overcoming your animals from market -- it. You can do it come on TJ. Look at -- Performing -- his final exposure is climbing inside a cage with two fully grown pit bulls well. A moment -- given that he's now able to see their behavior for what it is. -- full not a threat would you have been able to come to a park like this before you went through the exposure therapy. -- to -- in the years we wanted to see for ourselves just how effective Marvin exposure therapy really was. Marvin. You don't like -- shaken -- Proving there may be no extreme animal phobia that can't beat teams. For Nightline this is TJ Winick in New York.

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{"id":14979646,"title":"Facing Animal Phobias","duration":"3:00","description":"One tough guy is so afraid of pit bulls that even a puppy makes him cry.","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-animal-phobias-facing-fear-14979646","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}