Extreme Open Houses, Where Realtors Pull Out all the Stops

Champagne, sure, but a psychic? See the lengths some brokers go to sell luxury properties.
6:02 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Extreme Open Houses, Where Realtors Pull Out all the Stops
Selling pricey homes can be challenging, particularly the most expensive ones. After all there is a limited number of possible buyers. So what is a real estate agent for the Uber rich to do? Throw glamorous parties with elegant food? Maybe even have a carnival for kids? Well, yes. Here is my "Nightline" co-anchor juju Chang for the series "Realty check." ? Reporter: No not a fancy wedding or million dollar fund raiser. It is an open house. An invitation only, extreme open house. More and more, brokers throwing glam party to make sure their high-end properties pop. It's like wining and dining your clients and throw in a sidekick. What vibe is the house giving out? The house has good energy. It is very clean, very clear. Reporter: Even in a hot market if you want to sell a big ticket property you got to pull out all the stops. John recommended putting a rug there. Reporter: A real estate agent in Boston is known for throwing extravagant open houses. It is more than snooping around people's closets. It is envisioning how you might live here. It is lifestyle. Absolutely, illustrating a lifestyle. Reporter: She agreed to show us how it is gun? They're getting everything prepped. Reporter: Champagne is on ice. Champagne is on ice. Our harpist has arrived. Reporter: In less than a week threw together an extreme open house at an estate she is trying to sell several months. Price tag, 1.35 million smackers, double the price of the average home in the area. That afternoon. Mary Beth meets with her team to deliver a final pep talk. Every time we go to an open house, theirs movie, a real storrealtor I'm going to sell a house. Annette Bening's character in "American beauty." I play over the montra as I go to an open house. I will sell this house today. We can have the face painter and the balloon artist sort of wand earring round here. There is a couple reasons people do extreme open houses you. Want to remind them why yours stand out. Over 3,000 square feet of outdoor space. Four terraces. Reporter: She stand out as one of New York City's top real estate broeshkers, ranked number one among thousands nationwide, at Douglas elliman. Where do you want to put the bouncy castle. This is her little listing, price tag, $23 million. A far cry from suburban Boston. But she is employing the same unconventional techniques. The balloon animals, fair food, and yes, that bouncy house. Oh. How do you think it is sghoeg. Think it is going great. She has gone with the carnival theme in the hopes of selling a family friendly vibe in the luxury four bedroom duplex. All the brokers with children have kids in schools, and their parents are looking to buy. A nice tie in for the buyer we are ultimately hoping to get. While the kids enjoy the play time. We did the kitchen. Melanie gives their parents, top flight real estate brokers, a personal tour of the home. Well have two of everything. We have two sings two. Stoves. Two fridges. Two wine fridges. Two dishwashers. Ingenious idea. It got me to come in and take a look at it. Amazing. You went all out. I would say a success. Lots of brokers who may not have come if they couldn't have brought their kids. Mary Beth its putting the finishing touches on her ultralux open house. Belly to belly marketing at its finest. The property showcases its private duck pond. A feature the caterers may have everlooked. What are you cooking up? Marinated duck. Oops. Let's move to wine and cheese. Each room, the bathroom greets beeners with a treat. Look at the chocolate dipped strawberries in the fabulous bay windowed tub. Around every nook and terraced window another surprise. Oh, lobster blt. That's kind of awesome. To further inspire potential buyers on how they might live in over 5,000 square feet of new home, Mary Beth installed a yoga lady. You just need one yoga lover. Then you have sold the house. Absolutely. We do have of a couple on our guest list. Downstairs, the harpist tells us providing an elegant sound track at open houses is a regular gig. Sometimes, a lot of people, $2 million and up. They want to see what it likes to have a party in their prompt. So like taking it for a test drive. Exactly. A test cocktail party. Does all of this help spark a bidding war? That would be fantastic. If I had my crystal ball I might be able to tell you that. Reporter: No magic crystal ball, luckily there is the psychic we met earlier. I am not seeing a house in his cards here. When she tells you things listen. Reporter: She was making predictses for guests on whether this how the was right for them. Should they have been on this house. Well, here is the deal. I think if you, if I think you should bid on it. I don't know if they will fatake your bid. Reporter: With the party winding down we check in with the hostest. Did you get an offer tonight for the house? In the next couple weeks we'll figure out who the owner of the property is. Reporter: She remains confident. Because after all, quote -- I will sell this house today. For "Nightline," juju Chang, Massachusetts. I love the psychic. And "I see this house going for way over the asking price."

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{"id":23892656,"title":"Extreme Open Houses, Where Realtors Pull Out all the Stops","duration":"6:02","description":"Champagne, sure, but a psychic? See the lengths some brokers go to sell luxury properties. ","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-open-houses-realtors-pull-stops-23892656","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}