Ultimate Volcano Shots

Team of photographers lower themselves inside a volcano to get ultimate shots.
5:32 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Ultimate Volcano Shots
There are few spectacles that rival and active volcano -- glowing heart turning solid rock into a gaudy -- soup. Got a hypnotic appeal would drawn like moss to the flame but rarely do humans ever truly get close. To an active crater but tonight however we meet men who hope to make a living by getting dangerously close to lava. And they think some -- you might pay ten chewing them management co anchor Bill -- That's what it's time they volcanic island wanted to life insurance paid off -- human sacrifice. To keep gods happy. And a lump of -- He holds the modern twist and men who lower themselves into -- That's an offering to the gods of adventure in -- And these -- say to those who think they are suicidal lose. Well evidence private swimming isn't still a lot. -- a comment. His name is Jeff medically and adrenalin addict from New Zealand who uses his camera as an excuse to explore the most dangerous. His plan. Matched the structure. While typhoons and cyclones year old women who -- Generally obsessed with molten rock ever since He -- 1970s documentary. On Maurice and -- your craft a French couple spent much of their lives -- an active volcanoes. So poll -- some beautifully. So you just have -- week I would like to die anyway -- Fortunately is appropriate for -- to die -- -- quote Q is quite low however. Or 92% of people die in that -- got exactly what He wanted when the crash were swallowed by this eruption in Japan. Twenty years ago. But if this cautionary tale it is lost on medically especially since He discovered -- mayor -- the South Pacific island of Ottawa to. And decided that He would be the first man to stand on the shores of its lava lake -- with a temperature is around 11100. Degrees. Pure madness. A little bit of madness -- -- long life. I think people about -- softness -- -- is very few people out there doing really hot court benches. But just getting his team and 3000 pounds of equipment to the rim of the crater is -- death defying. The belching mountain creates its own violent weather system -- -- gusts -- helicopter. But it seems risk is part of the arrangement whenever medically call. We met -- critical -- -- -- video. Jeff sore but it's like myself to go public Alvin jump into -- and and professional climbers drew Bristol and -- Smith responded with an immediate. -- -- My advice and vote. To get a human -- -- last left. Looking with high finance that's really yelled help. -- that -- -- publish a. But their enthusiasm is doused by day's driving acid rain and throats -- sulfur gases. While they wait for a clear spot the men -- over their gear. It's. Explosive. And medically -- dreams about his next venture. Volcano tourism these -- -- people -- a 100000 dollars to -- the Himalayas and there is money remaining leading the Harding. Down there Wally you're looking at that you look at the hobby to -- Look at this blob. That's coming that stuff coming from the -- Doesn't get anymore primeval. I think it is something people would want to come actually. Finally tiny window in the weather but there's only enough logistical side for -- to make the trip down. The younger man will go and -- tries to hide his disappointment. -- -- climbing -- -- team of people to sit out. Not aggregates at all. In their shiny insulated suits John -- drew lowered down to place helmet has ever walks and ahead on the floor the crater -- scorched held skit but they press saw the mom up on this front now. Those -- -- here on the ground moves constantly in one wrong move one air burst of love could end their lives. Yeah. -- they make this sprints to the edge of the lava lake any true explore fashion. Plant the sudden remember -- of their -- homeless but. Local museum -- -- then obviously this is what you think your entire period. This meant that every lifting of the love -- I. Probably one may still Larry Davidson -- -- coming out over the WS. Not. Not -- man didn't know. This people in the -- to have been -- -- More people have been on the moon would have been down that put them. Most people on the not a size but in a little bit of -- -- The slums book paradoxes superfluous but they Hamas. And doesn't giving them.

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{"id":14831692,"title":"Ultimate Volcano Shots","duration":"5:32","description":"Team of photographers lower themselves inside a volcano to get ultimate shots.","url":"/Nightline/video/extreme-photography-lava-lake-14831692","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}