The Fight for Florida

A full recap of the high-stakes primary that may be the nastiest ever.
5:36 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for The Fight for Florida
The Department of Homeland Security tonight has informed the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. That he will Begin receiving Secret Service protection this week on a day when -- just demolished his closest opponent Newt Gingrich in the Florida primary. It all looks too many like Romney is gearing up to take on President Obama in the fall although there are still a lot of folks -- very differently. Starting. -- Newt Gingrich here's tonight's coverage of your voice your vote. Mitt Romney called the new. Comeback kid. Or maybe Romney's that gangsta. -- days ago. In Florida shows slipping behind Newt Gingrich would surging after his big win in South Carolina last week I would like to understand how it is. The speaker Gingrich characterized himself as more conservative than me. Then Romney and his allies unload. The Romney forces fired an unprecedented. Barrage of harshly negative ads that Gingrich they outspent -- -- -- by a staggering. Fifteen point four million dollars to 3.4 million only one of the thousands of Romney -- that aired was positive. Solid ground get labeled as statements side it was in Spanish. They even enlisted Tom Brokaw of NBC. Clip from the -- Gingrich was reprimanded and -- by his colleagues in the house of represent tonight he has on his own record. Good judgment of his -- Democrat and Republican alike peed all worked and knew he knew it. Even as he vowed to fight. And -- and have people power. Defeat money power in the next. And more -- what comes next. We hit the road on the final day on the campaign trail in Florida and what we found crisscrossing the state from Jacksonville Tampa and back to Orlando. Was this in Florida size matters it's a huge state and Romney had a huge hoard of cash to spend. But there's something else and -- what. Fueling this Republican struggle hardly matters to. In Jacksonville Monday morning only a paltry few Gingrich supporters turned -- in a hotel conference room. But they love him in a way you rarely see with Romney. Do you like coming out here today. -- -- You'll like it. That's Justin and his dad Malcolm is it True Blue new thing he is here for the American people and I don't see any other candidate articulating it. With the force in the ability he does a proven track record. Yeah. You knew it was gonna happen Herman Cain is back. Remember for a few weeks before allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior which he denied drove him from the race. It was Cain who captured the beating conservative heart of the party soaring past Romney in the polls with. Once talked big idea now been told us some people what you can't get that done I say why. Well because you don't know how -- works yes I do. It doesn't. Now after first endorsing -- -- -- is backing Gingrich and the only hope the same restless Tea Party energy in the Republican Party. It -- captured. Can sustain -- Hi -- by up patiently and enthusiastically. Endorse Newt Gingrich -- president Claudia Schneider. Both men carried the stars of spin. And -- are still clearly. What do you think about the baton. And we'll talk about it talk about anything. -- -- -- -- -- Some of it is real some of it is not -- they have. No perfect -- -- regrets about the way your campaign -- I am angry. About the way -- damn thing in common human being. When -- campaign to sports to eat because of them false accusations. Yes that makes me. It was another small crowd for -- in Tampa. But halfway across the state it was a different story. In the villages sprawling retirement community Romney -- a huge crowd for his last round with a broad. It's clearly feeling Williams he led them in -- -- America god shed his race. Okay. But like so many Romney crowds -- -- doom respectful but he doesn't seem to like tomorrow. Money buys a lot -- -- can't climb -- The -- one big thing not so much about Romney but about Obama they want to beat him. -- John what I've done it again we need change from the government. The way things are going right now there are a lot of people but I'm very happy because we feel let. The Obama debate sort of seemed -- anti capitalist you know. My leadership will and -- -- -- and Begin a new era of American prosperity. So even as -- bask in victory tonight and turned his attacks toward President Obama Mitt Romney -- this fight would continue. He hasn't -- and.

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{"id":15485959,"title":"The Fight for Florida","duration":"5:36","description":"A full recap of the high-stakes primary that may be the nastiest ever.","url":"/Nightline/video/fight-florida-15485959","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}