In-Flight Act of Kindness for Autistic Girl Goes Viral

Businessman's act of kindness on a long flight was an extraordinary relief for a grateful mom.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for In-Flight Act of Kindness for Autistic Girl Goes Viral
Most parents like to brag ability their baby's first steps. But how about baby's first time getting up on water skis? 7 1/2-month-old ryder comes from a pretty sporty family who taught him to ski with help. Their video went viral and fast. It even caught the attention of the australian water city champion who invited him on his boat for a real ride including a custom wet suit. Now a different kind of remarkable. A plane ride can create stressful situations so michelle was nervous when she saw a businessman would be sitting next to her 3-year-old daughter kate from a flight back from disneyworld. He turned out to be a very special seat mate. Spending much of the flight connecting with the little girl who can have trouble communicating. It didn't matter to him that he couldn't have a back and forth or he couldn't ask her her name or age or ask what the name of her turtles were. He was even able to help calm kate when she became agitated as the plane descended. You never really know who you're sitting next to or what it means and an act of kindness. Eric kunkle did more than just put a smile on kate's face. With the story getting 70,000 facebook likes, h ehelped raise awareness about autism as well. Not all babies are cute. Imagine you're walking down the street when a lonely stroller catches your eyes. You look a little closer. Is there an abandoned baby inside? No, it's an animatronic devil baby. The work of some mischievous minds behind "devil's due" hitting theatres this weekend. Now that's advertising with a little life of its own.

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{"id":21552689,"title":"In-Flight Act of Kindness for Autistic Girl Goes Viral","duration":"3:00","description":"Businessman's act of kindness on a long flight was an extraordinary relief for a grateful mom.","url":"/Nightline/video/flight-act-kindness-autistic-girl-viral-21552689","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}