Is 'Game Change' Film Realistic?

ABC's John Berman takes a look at the HBO film about the 2008 campaign.
4:33 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is 'Game Change' Film Realistic?
While leaving the polls in Alaska today Sarah Palin said that she's not ruling out a presidential bid in 2016. In Washington I'll be running until that you start focusing on the election the 2008 election that is ABC's John Berman explains why HBO's new film. Has ignited a fierce feud with the Palin camp. The results are -- in Super Tuesday two 1012 he's pretty much over. Does that -- blue field with political postpartum depression will. Fear not. The 2012 primaries may be walking down what you always have 2008. To look forward to. Going to Washington to seek their good opinion. She didn't just after -- That's right this. Looking at the past really committed to -- from Sarah Palin's political operation. Sarah Palin who is -- money for anything this election but is very much focused on the last one. In what's more he's going negative -- addicted kaelin's iron. BO film. -- change based on the book by the same name. A chronicle of the 2008. Race when John McCain your depicted by Ed Harris and his campaign team. Woody Harrelson playing campaign chief Steve Schmidt here. Decided to -- Sarah -- from Alaska. Who over embedded grounding Crist -- -- that Bloomberg Coca we wouldn't. None of them we desperately -- a game changing pace. And none of these middle aged white guys -- -- change. In the film that led to this cult that failed. This is Sarah uncannily played by Julianne Moore. Which instantly ignited the Sierra super -- problem is Sarah Palin doesn't seem to like I was portrait. The movie is based on a false narrative as you can see in the trailer Palin hasn't seen it it's not even out yet but she doesn't like -- -- -- The trailer depicts -- as uninformed on foreign policy. My -- I wasn't properly -- At times overwhelmed by the rigors of the campaign. In other times uncontrollable. Previously -- road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is Smart. Is quick study is intellectually. Curious. And the person portrayed in that movie is absolutely not. Tim Crawford is the treasurer for Sarah Palin's political committee he helped put together their response video. Why HBO is -- the movie. That is -- peace fiction it is not fact it's your responsibility is to make a movie that's accurate and they made a movie that's accurate. John Heilman one of the authors of the book game change -- consultant on the film stands by his reporting. The film's has take some dramatic license of any movie that is a dramatization will do. But on the particulars in question the movies -- a 100% accurate this depicts the powerful moment she was introduced to America. Standing here I am honored to be show. Very well may be that Sarah Palin is something of the. Rorschach test. People see what they want to see -- her depending on what side of the political spectrum they come from. It really shows areas in which she was an incredibly powerful magnetic. Human. Element -- McCain campaign where she performed extraordinarily well -- a really bad circumstances. It also shows the ways in which she fell short. Sarah Palin makes clear she'll never like it in every seat. I'm I'm not gonna go see the movie either is the good Senator John McCain we discussed listen and realize that Hollywood -- are Hollywood lot. And while teen -- eighteen game change might not agree on everything I think you'll agree on one thing. This brouhaha proves in this day in age politics elections. Last forever. You know the funny part about that John is that it almost felt like their campaign never ended does feel like at times a little bit we -- to be. Arguing over long ago fought battles. Yes -- campaigns never -- now it just goes straight to video. I'm John Berman for Nightline in New --

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{"id":15865950,"title":"Is 'Game Change' Film Realistic?","duration":"4:33","description":"ABC's John Berman takes a look at the HBO film about the 2008 campaign.","url":"/Nightline/video/game-change-movie-realistic-15865950","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}