Gigi Gorgeous' doc 'This Is Everything' gives raw look into her life

The documentary chronicles the YouTube star's transition from starting life as a Canadian boy named Gregory to a transgender woman living in L.A.
5:49 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for Gigi Gorgeous' doc 'This Is Everything' gives raw look into her life
You know, Gigi gorgeous has posted nearly 500 YouTube videos over almost nine years, on everything from her sex life, to her sex change. So perhaps the most shocking thing of all, there are still intimate details she's never shared. Her new documentary, shedding light on her transition from Gregory to Gigi gorgeous. As part of our series, social stars. For the glamourous YouTube star whose life is an open book, there are a few chapters she's kept to herself. I have been on hormones now for a year. Reporter: Some of the nitty gritty of her long and sometimes painful transition from a boy named Gregory, to Gigi gorgeous. Me and my bras. Calvin Klein, Victoria's secret. Reporter: The documentary, this is everything, Gigi gorgeous, chronicles the intimate back story of her and her family's path to acceptance. Hey, guys, today I decided that I would do a top ten skin and hair care. Gregory lazzarato introduced himself on a relatively new forum, YouTube. I'm going to be doing a tutorial. Reporter: As a gay teenager, sharing his love of makeup. And talking about dating boys. And the next day, he added me on Facebook. Like he was so cute. Reporter: But then, tragedy struck. When my mom found out that she had cancer, she just kept saying, I feel like I might die I don't want to. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she was a fighter. And she was so strong. Reporter: His mother died of cancer when he was only 19. If she were here, what would you say to her? I would tell her that I love her, and that you for being there for me for the first 19 beautiful years of my life. And teaching me that I can always achieve what I want. You know. Reach for the stars. No dream is unachievable. Today I'm going to be doing a very personal video. Reporter: It was only after his mother passed that he had the courage to come out as transgender. Basically just thought it was time to make this video and make the announcement that I am transgender. Reporter: She didn't get to watch your transition at all, but if she were here today, what do you think she would say? I think we would be sharing a lot of clothes. Having Gigi happy is way more important than me having Greg. Reporter: Initially bewildered dad eventually became one of Gigi's biggest supporters. He needed to really understand and get on board, and it tyke him a little while. You're looking good. Reporter: And you see him stumbling with the pronouns a bit and your name. Absolutely. And that was something that bothered me, because that's the one thing they needed. That's my advice for any parent out there with transgender children or friends. Call them what they want to be called, because that's their identity. I think he could transition from being the father he thought he wanted to be and thought he was, to the father that he is now and was destined to be. Reporter: It's her unflinching honesty that fans say is refreshing. Attracting nearly 2.5 million YouTube sub skrubers, watching her every move. Those clicks opening the to modeling gigs and partnerships with revlon. Her life, a whirlwind, shopping on a quick trip to New York's fashion week, including a front seat at Christian Siriano's side. At her time, her devoted girlfriend. You know she has a brand, right? Strike oil. Yes, I do. Reporter: Their relationship, raising eyebrows, since Gigi in the past always talked about dating and being attracted to men. I used to like really muscular, really tall, like manly boys. Reporter: But after she fell for nats, she took to YouTube again. I am a lesbian. I felt compelled to come out and make a video coming out as a lesbian, I see myself that way. So you're not bisexual? No. It's crazy, I have fathers that come and they're like, oh, my goodness, I can't believe I'm meeting you, me and my daughter watch your videos and we bond over it. Reporter: We met Gigi last year in Los Angeles. I love it. It's very Versace. Reporter: Where we went shopping for the first time. Going for a spin in her custom designed Ford mustang. This is a moment. Reporter: On the hunt for another killer outfit. Why do I look like a muppet but you look like a rock star. I look like a muppet. Gigi is something of a Hollywood "It" girl, teaming with Miley Cyrus to raise awareness for transgender issues. Everybody, Miley Cyrus! Reporter: Even introducing her at the VMAs. But the road to stardom hasn't always been easy. Did you ever get bullied or harassed? Absolutely. I was bullied awful, in elementary school. When high school came around, I found mids, my strength and my voice. Reporter: Which is why she wants to be a voice for others. Even when the haters come out, it's her fans who keep her strong. They've helped me overcome so many struggles, when I've felt like giving up, I think about them, what they see in me. I think about what I've done for them. And I want to give it more back to them. And Gigi's new documentary is streaming now on YouTube red.

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{"id":45555052,"title":"Gigi Gorgeous' doc 'This Is Everything' gives raw look into her life","duration":"5:49","description":"The documentary chronicles the YouTube star's transition from starting life as a Canadian boy named Gregory to a transgender woman living in L.A.","url":"/Nightline/video/gigi-gorgeous-doc-raw-life-45555052","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}