Gigolos: Is It Prostitution?

More women are signing up to pay for sex in no-strings-attached situations.
7:11 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Gigolos: Is It Prostitution?
The business of sex in the question -- whether more women are now paying for. -- what exactly the ultimate -- different. Well tonight we -- company in Las Vegas that caters exclusively to a female clientele. The women paid for dates they -- -- just out for fun. And the men insist that whatever money is exchanged violates no law. Here's ABC's juju Chang for our series modern sex in the -- Meet shot. He's getting ready for work unimpeded through an -- pollution. -- is not your average stage off his line of work. -- -- fantasies. Four. Oh at different 500 dollars a uniter thousand dollars per night how much of that it's. -- percent. 800 dollars just another night for a gigolo. Richard -- may have immortalized the concept in American gigolo. But male escorts catering exclusively to women have always been considered urban legend you've taken -- -- actual place. I just until recently the Showtime's reality program -- pillows pulls back the curtain. It seems more and more women are willing to say they paid for sex the metal in the series are employed by real life agency cowboys for angels and doing it again -- -- just has fallen too much you have. Request for Tuesday night at 7 PM 36 year old Garrett James a former gigolo himself is there agents some would say Pam. When people think of tickle us they think -- facts and they think of sex for money. How fat not illegal sex for money is illegal if somebody called the agency and said. I'm looking to have sex with one of your guys than that conversation would go no further it's not illegal to to charge somebody for your time and that's basically what we're doing. What's more it turns out this kind of transaction payment up front with no guarantee of -- Is in fact perfectly legal in all the states where his services are available. Nevada California Texas New York Georgia and Florida. As our female escort services for men. I think they're putting people at home who would see this and think this is morally bankrupt -- moral thing it's just something that is either right or wrong. And I mean if I'm a man and I -- -- take a woman on -- date and paying for everything so you know I don't see how it's much different. And the fact that just because a woman is paying now that it's wrong. Doesn't make any sense. The morality debate aside Smart affluent women are coming to the sites in states women like 39 year old Heather Smith a successful single manager at a fortune 500 company. Is Barney had -- -- -- she says being at gigolo is not all about sex. I don't think remaining in the particulars a sex workers or prostitutes at all I never how. They certainly don't feel -- Then that. She should note she sampled five of them and counting she spent between 500 and a thousand dollars a month on -- several thousand so far in total. I'm really does mark he's pretty attractive and yummy did tribal. An attractive to attack this -- this -- I. Other says dating professionals that she calls them helped her get over the grief she felt after her fertility treatments ended tragically best there ever you know I didn't even realize that I was carrying around so much stuff -- -- pregnancy loss I don't know why but for whatever reason meticulous -- That right there -- reports. Jiggle -- have also become her unconventional weight loss plan. Every time she loses five pounds she rewards herself with the -- I get in managing the spots from and -- elliptical from the can. Up. That -- an old saying. Stern. And has been added urging us to take it nice and steady decline in Boston -- 27 inches. And my doctor was thrilled she doesn't know. That regular part of my weight loss. But she said what -- -- keep doing it. I really love women particularly as it is her favorite that they -- -- tonight. We're going to dinner and tonight she's getting ready for her sixth date with him there for me that's part of and -- ended its workforce. -- employees in and 34 other men this is Tommy in South Florida after showtime theories business is to. Since I've started I've had over 2000 -- requests. 2000 volunteers to -- us looking for well. The first thing is that they should look like a model type. Educated. Humorous. Intelligent and a gentleman and do you do background checks and yes that's that's one of the things that I do. -- says he also conducts a four part interview with prospective -- lows but because he's not offering sex for money he can't demand regular STD tests. But the men we spoke to claim to -- they always practice safe sex. Yes he's. Good businesswoman psychiatrist more obscure -- -- -- for business here this is you. Karen recruited Sean a former stripper from a modeling website tonight Sean is meeting a regular from Southern California who sit Vegas on business. -- -- -- report seeing her they're excited here. -- arrives at the hotel in Vegas to to head to the bar for drinks the clock is ticking. After the scheduled two hours -- state asks for another team they beat us before heading to her hotel room. How do you feel about time. And the main thing. And so he's good at what he does Baghdad. -- can't whine like this -- just enough time to meet anyone I work online. I like there's anything. Two more hours and a thousand dollars later the date is over what. Can you tell us about. What happens upstairs. -- -- -- -- You know. -- -- -- -- -- What happens in Vegas and Vegas I have to stay in Vegas and so do our stories and Nancy -- And for the women wealthy enough to four digit lows there's something else that comes with a price -- With some of them called the perfect boyfriend experience they pay. For them to go away. I yeah you're gonna call. -- -- And an -- whenever I think what I -- didn't -- an -- right now I don't care. And there is an liberty news. And just being wherever you are and knowing it doesn't matter for Nightline I'm juju Chang in Los me.

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{"id":15706601,"title":"Gigolos: Is It Prostitution?","duration":"7:11","description":"More women are signing up to pay for sex in no-strings-attached situations.","url":"/Nightline/video/gigolos-prostitution-15706601","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}