Mean Girl Moments

Courtney from "The Bachelor," Madeleine on "Revenge": Why do we love bad girls?
3:01 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Mean Girl Moments
As you may have seen here last night are heard about or on the water cooler today the bachelor. -- the mean girl driving the righteous indignation index to new heights in America but -- -- the wisdom of mayor Weston. Every decent reality show producer a good girl is very good but bad. Is better as ABC's David Wright explains in tonight's Sunday. Think of a parallel universe where Snow White gets the -- show. Will you marry me yes of course I well melody for it. In the handsome prince proposes to the evil queens. And -- -- I love you for having. I love you for. And -- -- in the bachelor this year forever lasted only long enough for the year -- to watch the show when wound. -- then quickly realized just how -- -- -- comment. -- had out verbally. How conniving Courtney really -- Ever -- she may be in the hot tub or on the beach senate thinks that came out of her mouth but just unbelievable you really could not believe she would actually. -- feelings that lean mean and I -- it's bittersweet. Really sleep -- me really better prepared. She called from the girls in the house back -- horse -- I mean stuff you actually don't think person would say she dead. And on national TV they'll call it fairy -- TV it's reality folks universe wearing nice guys and girls finish -- -- -- To do it goes. We -- mean girls win people like watching mean people and -- entertainment it's pure entertainment that's all caught -- Soap operas it was ever thus Joan Collins on dynasty. -- -- And Heather Locklear Melrose Place shut up these days Madeleine Stowe on revenge. Down her -- in the morning. He lives he regretted if you do you ever bench step has -- and it's a perversely divine state to -- and I think tank and the content. It's great fun not only your mean girls fund to watch when -- girls brawl. Real housewives of New Jersey. Or on the Jersey Shore. It's must see TV reality producers know that. Men's volley was so epic -- auto tune. Even after he realized his mistake. You kind of apologized. But I really should've watched myself more and mean -- battling a fast and and and on after the final rose tearfully grumbled that the stunning conclusion. He took her back.

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{"id":15916387,"title":"Mean Girl Moments","duration":"3:01","description":"Courtney from \"The Bachelor,\" Madeleine on \"Revenge\": Why do we love bad girls?","url":"/Nightline/video/girl-moments-15916387","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}