The Great Debate Swap

What happens when an NRA Republican watches the debate in a bar full of Obama liberals?
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for The Great Debate Swap
Test Text1 italics Test If. Reporter: Time to think about stalking up on no-doz it could be late two weeks tonight, latest abc news/"the washington post" poll has president obama and challenger mitt romney at less than 1% point apart, so with such a divided nation we decided to start a party crashing experiment for the last debate. Here's abc's david wright with the great debate swap. There is a big difference between me and m.I.T. Ritt romney. Not just better hair. Reporter: Tonight it's all over. We heard -- our campaign is Reporter:96% of voters have made up their mind but neither candidate has the margin of victory yet, all those loftie claims about one nation, indivisible. I'm not fighting to create democratic or republican jobs I'm fighting to create american jobs. Reporter: All those promises to build consensus -- my campaign is about the 100% of erica. Reporter: Forget by the. At this point either would be lucky to get 50% plus one, winner take all. That's why last night's debate was so important, their last chance to speak to everyone. We wondered, is there any conceivable way for these candidates to change minds that are already made up? Not the undecided voters, the true believers, one way the other who comprise the vast majority. I'm dave, I live in colorado. I'm planning on voting for romney/ryan. Reporter: People like dave, friende nra. This is my big game rifle. It shoots really nicely. Reporter: With a wall of hunting trophies that would make ernest hemingway jealous. I live in denver and i traditionally vote for democrats and I plan to do so this year. Reporter: Or travis, 31-year-old gay man who works at a nonprofit in denver. "Nightline" enlisted both men, plus one friend each for a little election experiment. To watch the debate with people of the opposing side. The idea, debate swap. Two s forced to mingle. It meant going to the varsity sports bar where monday night football got downsized for one night. All of the tv sets -- Reporter: A group called freedom works held its debate party there. The only person in the room wearing a barack obama button. Dave and his epson, romney voters both agreed to watch with planned parenthood, at the beauty bar in denver. Do you feel like you're watching the broncos game in an oakland raiders bar? Pretty close. That's a good anolg. Reporter: Keep in mind these are folks who like most americans never step outside their comfort zone. Dave lives in a sprawling suburb outside denver where the romney lawn signs far outnumber the obama ones. He listened to talk radio. Rush limbaugh, hanty and fox news all right let's define some terms. What does liberal mean now? Big government. Probably bridges on socialism. Reporter: Travis and monesha, city dweller, talk raid I don't remember for them is on the left side of the dial. Npr. Npr. Reporter: The word conservative, what does that mean to you? I think it's being comfortable with the status quo and being nervous about how that could change. Reporter: They might as well have been watching debate -- it is stronger now than when I came into office. Reporter: On two different planets. Unbelievable. Reporter: Afterwards, at the bar, something interesting. You really think that the republicans would outlaw birth control? Yes. Reporter: Genuine debate and discussion. I think it's derailed in the last four years -- I think it's a steady progression. Reporter: Not that it changed anybody's minds. Show of hands, who feels obama won this? And show of hand, romney? I'm undecided. Can I do undecided. Didn't have a chance to really absorb it as much as I probably would if I was at home. I think I'm undecided until i watch it again. Reporter: Among all of you, did you confirm your feeling about the other side or were you surprised by some things? What was surprising is that you don't interact much with the other side. At the end of the day just like well behaved fans in a sports stadium. You can respect each other, you're both passionate about football and you find those common things even though you might be rooting for different teams. I think members of both groups obviously, like she said, have the same, a lot of the same opinions actually on things. Sometimes it's more just a matter of how we get to the end. Reporter: Two weeks from tonight, 50% of this little group will triumph, 50% will be bitterly disapointed. The challenge for the winner, whoever he may be, will be to unite them, if he can. I'm david wright for "nightline" in denver.

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{"id":17549652,"title":"The Great Debate Swap","duration":"3:00","description":"What happens when an NRA Republican watches the debate in a bar full of Obama liberals?","url":"/Nightline/video/great-debate-swap-17549652","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}