Herman Cain Responds

Cain blames 'Democrat machine' as fourth woman accuses him of sexual harassment.
5:37 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Herman Cain Responds
Americans voted today that a couple state measures -- national implications went down in defeat. An initiative to outlaw abortion by declaring that life begins at conception failed in Mississippi. And Ohio voters rejected a Republican effort to limit the bargaining power of union teachers cops and firefighters. Meanwhile one year from today Americans will go back to the polls to pick a president -- Herman Cain seems convinced he's still in the running. Despite the two women who've gone public with sexual harassment allegations against him while two others remain anonymous. Aside from his defiance press conference today -- sat down with only one reporter. ABC's Jonathan -- It's come to this the man who shot to the top of the race for the Republican presidential nomination forced to hold a press conference. Denying that he isn't sexual harasser. I have -- Acted. In appropriately. We will -- one. Period. The fact is. These anonymous allegations of -- but charges. And the accusations. Apps Lou they reject. It's been a roller coaster ride -- king -- patriotic but all of -- -- obscured Kennedy. Little money I'm searched the top of the -- could -- only to face this. He suddenly reached over. And he put his hand and -- -- Under my skirt and reached for my genitals. He also grabbed my head and brought it towards his -- Series of within accusing him of sexual harassment the latest. Public shared file like stepped forward yesterday to say that -- wrote her one night in 1997. Which he came to speak with him about finding a job. I sat -- what are you doing. I you know I have a boyfriend. This isn't what I came here for mr. -- said. You -- -- jab right. It was the latest turn in a story first -- nine days ago. When the web site Politico reported that two other unnamed women had accused -- of sexual harassment in the 1990s. He worked for him at the National Restaurant Association. As far as a -- -- Of Minnesota settlement -- -- -- for much because I didn't do it at that came later acknowledged there was a settlement. Women receives tens of thousands of dollars to resolve their complaints between. An exclusive interview with ABC news in Yahoo! came discussed the controversy at blank starting with shared by Alex accusations. The most serious yet. Because. They baseless because I reject -- and in this particular case I don't even know who this lady is. It's a distraction from the things -- -- to talk about which is this economy. Energy independence. Cutting spending as well as getting this nation back on track. So in this case though it's not try to chicken -- she -- come out. You've heard her accusations -- -- yes but let's speak -- you're saying that she is lying about. Yes. I am -- and you know it is nice the way affect I don't know in other way to say because. I would first have to reckon mass whose genius. But late today another of caves for -- went public. Karen crash our who served as the spokesperson for the -- mastering the -- Gonzales controversy and is now a spokesperson at the Treasury Department. She was one of those who received a cash payment from the restaurant association to settle her charges against -- and if you don't you know the expression. And where there's smoke there's fire what what are the motivations here -- why why would they be doing this well Jonathan I honestly believe. That. There's an element in this country. In our politics. That does not want to see. A businessman succeed. At -- -- the nomination for the Republican Party. And does not want me to succeed. At becoming president of United States of America. We can't keep responding -- questions and now this one is an anonymous but I have absolutely not acted inappropriately. With this lady but anybody else in my entirely career. -- is a man who seems to have only -- limited confidence. But he told us the controversy has been painful to his family. Especially to his wife Gloria. Now -- these recent accusations. Obviously that has an emotional impact on her. Because you talking about her husband of 43 years and even though my wife. Is. It will require that require -- -- person that I -- -- the quiet sweet personality. She can't get angry like anybody else to hear about this oh yes -- fit -- known you for -- forty years. That stuff doesn't even sound like you. Let alone that you did this with somebody. That you know isn't -- these accusations. And that was reassured because she knows that's not something that I would do some of the claims that would may. Absolutely ridiculous. Extricate himself whether or not the controversy -- his campaign his confidence still those ballots -- named the fifth president. Who belongs on mount Rushmore. The fifth president that belongs on mount Rushmore. He hasn't been president yet. Nightline Jonathan Karl in Scottsdale Arizona.

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{"id":14911961,"title":"Herman Cain Responds","duration":"5:37","description":"Cain blames 'Democrat machine' as fourth woman accuses him of sexual harassment.","url":"/Nightline/video/herman-cain-responds-allegations-14911961","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}