Hidden America: Chicago Gang Violence Summit: Extended Cut

Part 1: We brought together rival gangs, victims of violence for a summit.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for Hidden America: Chicago Gang Violence Summit: Extended Cut
We decided with ABC news and cease father flavor in the community -- -- is to put together a group of youth today. Talk about -- -- -- so violent -- Chicago. And people do something when you're Franklin and some bankrupt in -- of people lining I don't like it -- -- so -- -- them. People have -- pageant question has been generational -- -- has -- that there is no way to do some. Or is it is so deep is so deep I don't think any -- we can you -- solve nothing really. Dressed up with games on it this violence -- their -- keeps growing related disease. It never missed people -- -- as soon as soon they soon Cherokee how old. There when. -- affiliated yeah I'd join twelve years so I was trying to make a man's decision at twelve years old what was the first thing that -- -- think we'll. Gonna do this. The bad thing about it is -- our communities it's almost. Glorified European somewhat bamboozled objected so they're not being sold about the fact that you can -- -- you could be paralyzed you can end up in prison. Came just shout out to me when you first got affiliated. Outside its fifty -- twelve we -- Nine. And what was it. -- -- -- -- No no guidance. So this isn't being knocked on the streets. And round and Angelina has looked. And and I want to. How many every -- have been to jail. -- -- -- -- The streets and they just take -- for the people don't love you UB these people and he just say -- -- and no more. They don't that'll stop people graduate school reform and -- you can't just say man exists. Dude no more -- steel try to get to anywhere they can. You mean -- get out -- way. -- -- -- -- What -- the social media playing an escalating violence and allowed people in that beat -- Gibson. -- -- -- nobody -- this obviously a real big world. I don't we're coming to tweak somebody always to their parent to think what happened infighting is whether. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you -- blue -- they don't call -- whatever they can. Into the day. And -- -- live eagle windows painful it be we talk about revenge. And that being the motivation motivating factor behind -- -- even -- we see the consequences why it is so hard to not go after that event. -- People. They don't feel like the Apollo. Since -- Right that you scheduled gas mixed team you know students. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you hear a five year old was shot. What do you say to each other. Look I want a few years and this -- It is in the whales actually. -- only for Israel's -- if you and the wages I have always. -- -- it needs. Tonight it's no consideration of. -- somebody there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today you you have to go get a gun how many here could save it and -- Google got a gun he's -- -- streets today. Like getting -- baggage and even the street life is way easier. Could you sit there every day trying to go day by day look at the money -- We've disadvantages and you know go out to street rob somebody as a really isn't a lot of people who don't know -- -- -- Noting that experienced -- what did you dream of being maneuvered twelve -- zones to -- -- -- a lawyer. Because the life that I chose and the having -- you know. Going to be in the excitement and ABC news fully and -- -- thing which is fundamentally good Jessica. A -- human everytime I see you walking down about you look at -- -- This is saving puts it when -- walked down the street seagate is -- Latin. -- -- -- -- -- -- Does that happen -- on them. Go to waste it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- each -- by the force that would about the problems that have money instant involved. By. You in this press time -- -- -- this kind of innovative tools give more than you can analyses out of prison incumbents hope. I guarantee you almost have to teach at them as they -- -- what you gonna do she's going to be did so this and almost bet dollars. There's no most. Tell me more about that. Anybody wanna be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- and everybody to give up if you go to suburb areas. You have a lot of people put their kids in. Whether it's football baseball making sure the times occupied in our communities we don't have -- social service programs. So what ends up happening is you have all these kids going to the streets -- -- -- -- -- of games that started off as a softball team and have become again. How many here feel like -- before it gets to the level of the gun. How many here think that -- they believe that they could be a and voice. To try to put someone in checkers say as many don't want to do better you know -- -- -- they could just do that tomorrow. But not everybody does as and you didn't raise you. It's a collective effort like cookies and everybody I don't want to do -- -- what would happen if every time you got upset instead of grabbing that Gunner. Something to go after -- would have if you waited an hour two hours since an American thing about it. We have prelude to president either one -- your trailer going to be what -- -- president. -- -- -- -- Q -- beat Hughes institute our -- last -- I would say right -- is -- -- situation is economics nobody has a job all these kids into on the streets and stuff what that you most. Want to know about each other. I feel about this violist and -- -- our friends everyday PPI growing I now feel about wolves and and I. I love my love -- to today's stuff like ozone -- look petty fist fight. -- generation is like messed up -- seriously messed up. Imus every Gallup got -- my house won -- school -- -- me feel of what's to have -- -- not one Obama making that moment. That eat up my soul every -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right don't matter at this basketball football baseball softness seen in. Tap dancing dancing -- now -- what it needs the Clinton gun them. And let's go -- what we get. -- -- -- -- It is going to be Ruiz you to put them at guns that we -- can't -- you a man following maintenance is to -- stepped out to show you -- man. Not so you a little boy.

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{"id":17541023,"title":"Hidden America: Chicago Gang Violence Summit: Extended Cut ","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: We brought together rival gangs, victims of violence for a summit.","url":"/Nightline/video/hidden-america-chicago-gang-violence-summit-extended-cut-17541023","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}