Hip and Holy

Tebow, Bieber and Kardashian are flaunting their faith. Is Christianity cool?
3:00 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Hip and Holy
Does wearing Angel wings bring a woman closer to god when the Victoria's Secret model you're about to meet tonight. Says she decided the answer was no when that she quit she's hardly the only high profile believe it put her faith front and center these days so the startling number of celebrities. Publicly counting on Jesus. That's tonight's sign of the times. -- decades celebrities -- -- the apostles of cool. James dean's teenage rebellion in the rebel without a -- -- Or Madonna is frankly feminists sexuality. Now maybe just maybe there's a new trend on planet celebrity and it comes from of all places the Victoria's Secret runway. The women are young gorgeous and fairly close. One of them weren't. Because it. Her name is -- -- she's 21 years old and she earned her spot among the angels of Victoria's Secret the old fashioned way. She won on a reality TV -- On Iraq the Victoria's Secret Grand Island on my heart beating -- 101000 other scantily clad young women for the job I want says. Cannot let it take to get it. But now highly doesn't want she's retiring from lingerie modeling because she says. I just started becoming more uncomfortable with it because of -- faith. I'm Christian and reading the Bible more I was becoming more convicted about. She wants to save her body she says for her husband. Something's happening here. -- -- a flash point in our culture talking about religion and spirituality openly is still seen as taboo by large. Amounts of people in this country will -- markets writes about spirituality and celebrity on her blog -- goes -- There's always been starters who cater specifically to the Christian market. But the fact that now celebrities can go on awards show is and do huge interviews and talk openly about their faith that it is pretty remarkable. Jesus it seems is cool we all know about Tebow Justin Bieber got attacked two of Christ on his -- And in the NBA the New York knicks' newest star Jeremy Lin who led them to victory tonight is lighting up the league wouldn't skills and this thing like about within you know about what they're looking pretty good in those who have and and so you know I'm just thankful that -- -- here and now at fifteen. And for heaven's sake even Kim -- -- who became famous for. Well never mind that even Kim Kardashian is going to church with Leann -- very publicly and tweeting about starting Bible -- Celebrities are more comfortable talking about everything because I think young people are more comfortable talking about everything. So -- leave the city tells the -- no longer does -- on the runway because of god. Proving once again that old hands dirty truth. He works in mysterious ways.

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{"id":15544601,"title":"Hip and Holy","duration":"3:00","description":"Tebow, Bieber and Kardashian are flaunting their faith. Is Christianity cool?","url":"/Nightline/video/hip-holy-15544601","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}