Hunt for Baby Lisa Intensifies

New surveillance footage in the case of the baby who went missing from her crib.
5:21 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Hunt for Baby Lisa Intensifies
At 10:30 PM and it wasn't until the father returned home from work early the next morning that the infant turned up missing. But now the mother has changed her story saying that the fact that she put the baby to bed almost. For early hours earlier so here's ABC's legal analyst Dan Abrams. In two week since eleven month old baby Lisa Irwin vanished from her parents' home in Kansas City but you do murmur. Now new information about what the mother Debra Bradley was doing the night her daughter disappeared. Drinking. Surveillance video showed Bradley buying boxed wine in baby supplies just hours before Lisa vanished. A lot of people have been asking whether -- drinking a lot that night. Whether that might explain something here. Doesn't explain anything because I had nothing to do with anything else we drinking a lot done. I was drinking it has nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. Bradley says she was with a close friend on the porch. For much of the evening. I figure outside. Lisa had a lot she read her best friends who lives next door she was over that -- but nobody else was in the house. But no question local authorities have their suspicions which is led to a sometimes contentious relationship between the family in the police. At one point Bradley says the cops even told her she failed a lie detector test. I -- how'd they do He said that He failed. And I said failed to what but question that I fail. And that He said He felt the one where you know where your -- -- And I said that's not possible I don't know where she sat and I just proceeded to come unglued. Does not possible for -- out tell them no meat pulled the chair in front of me and He looked to my face it I'm it at mothers like you. And proceeded to -- probably something along lines of I need to tell the truth -- It's hard to hear that but. If it means -- -- this to get back -- care. Both parents have endured hours of intense interrogation. Bradley even claims police invented incriminating details. Including cellphone records they -- applicator you said that what you. Have been told who's -- lives. -- -- mean but. During interrogation. We fondness. They show me are closed. They showed me of doppler. Staying with pains from -- that my cell phones. And it hadn't I am led to believe at this point that none of that Israel. I hope the particles were real. So as time passes and you feel like you're cooperating -- communicating with them. You're getting. What fed up with the fact that there are continuing to yeah focused -- -- I -- I have Axl doesn't just my daughter's disappearance. The baby's father Jeremy Irwin arrived home after working a double shift around 4 AM. Its first night working so late so when you first came home. You didn't immediately realize. That Lisa was gone -- Irwin says the lights were off the front door was somewhat. And -- front window appeared to have been manipulated. Police performed a reenactment to determine whether an intruder could -- entered through that window. And while the couple consistently maintain their child was abducted. They still fear the possibility that one or both of them could be arrested. Q were they might arrest said. We're kind of word about it we've talked about it you know it's just scary. For us that -- you know keep in perspective. It's good that they're looking and everybody even -- this. In your most private moments. Had you for a second ever thought. If -- -- with snacks. May be something happens now. May -- -- tried it covered up afterwards you know. -- -- -- -- It's scary that. Somebody -- out there. There's a bad guy has my baby and public enemy. That scary that. That's even -- things happened. I mean your children somebody is missing and they suspect that the parents it's sad that that's how the world is today it's sad that they have to even look at that. These two people standing behind me are two parents. Were grieving every day every minute every second. For the loss. Of the door. Today they announced celebrity attorney Joseph -- pitino will -- -- present them. Here period compared now two weeks after their daughter went missing her parents say they are still comp. Eighty Lisa will be coming home. Are -- hopeful that this -- with him over a fighter. Have no doubt about it we're gonna fighter. -- -- -- -- I just know because -- still god. It BC's Dan Abrams for Nightline in Kansas City.

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{"id":14758498,"title":"Hunt for Baby Lisa Intensifies","duration":"5:21","description":"New surveillance footage in the case of the baby who went missing from her crib.","url":"/Nightline/video/hunt-baby-lisa-intensifies-14758498","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}