Jonah Hill: Grown Up

Young comedy star takes on a dramatic role, and earns a Oscar nod.
5:55 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Jonah Hill: Grown Up
Among us first -- fast times at ridge -- high back in 82 and -- whom you know that's -- -- kid that Sean Penn he's gonna win a few Academy Awards. This is why no one is allowed to then -- off. At the words Oscar nominee Jonah Hill as he -- may have started his career in the horny teen genre but a serious turn in money ball has all of Hollywood receiving this award season. And as he tells me in tonight's Oscar confidential. Oh he's just warming up. I grew up on the street. So my folks -- -- street when getting acquainted. It's always helpful to go back to the old neighborhood I feel the most at home. At this place for Jonah Hill that neighborhood just happens to include a Hollywood movie studio. That's where our apartment stage was knocked up like that stages where sleeping -- -- super bad it was I just let you guys would go over the rooftops screaming eleven different -- and thanks to his youthful work in this neighborhood a lot of people think they already know Jonah hill's lovable slacker it's one of those guys who wise crack his way into a fabulous life with famous friends spread taking me this watch as a token of his -- group. And as our joke what we called the movie and inside -- says. Money. Balls. -- -- like a little particular humor from Brad Pitt. But here's a twist Jonah Hill and money -- Jonah Hill is enjoying a slew of nominations -- -- a drama. I'm peer group urged Dublin based phone. -- -- -- And -- money ball was just the second serious role of his life proved that funny. Is just part of the package. Almost thirty years old. I'm not -- -- seventeen year old cage who's trying to get later whatever you now I'm. An adult man -- -- weren't really seriously. And you know I'm an actor not a comedian and never was community welcome curia. I was a entertaining kid I would say or maybe some would say -- -- some would say entertaining but I think that. That's probably -- -- an actor high school plays kind of thing is -- now. I -- no I want to be an actor until I was eighteen. Yet decided -- eighteen Oscar nominated 28. How does that happen -- it starts with a healthy dose of confidence do you ever -- -- No I never doubt myself I don't do things that might combine that with obsessive focus and the lucky breaks -- -- life changer there. -- his friendship with Dustin Hoffman's -- which helped him land his first role and I heart Huckabee is used so continuing -- And the time he randomly met Seth Rogen at the movies never imagining their friendship would lead. -- super -- I think maybe. The. -- -- -- -- Apparently you don't -- -- -- -- Forgetting Sarah Marshall and bringing more -- you know. Get into the Greek. In his career the makings of -- would be Belushi. But just as he became the darling of comedy Jonah Hill started saying no to comedies. The times when -- said no and it turned out to be an awful film. Are more gratifying than when you say no and it turned out to be an amazing. It's -- of course so cruel that once -- exactly. Cyrus gave him his first crack at drama and he was so convinced that it would lead to meet -- roles. He stage elaborate screening. Just -- -- get invited the director of money bull I had this big fake lecture and show had people come and really just so -- -- -- And in the next day I got the part he applied that same determined focus to the role of Peter -- a statistics nerd -- -- Yale. Hired to help Brad Pitt's character -- five baseball convention. And certainly lowly Oakland -- in the winner's. She -- don't have to -- that to me is. My favorite team in Irish out of me -- human -- it's yours and it's also the most typical -- -- -- As an actor because it's rare that character gets to grow up and in the 32 period of time. He -- to see all the repercussions of responsibility. By telling this man that his whole life is negatively affected based on my ideas. There's so many metaphors going on with you. In this role. In your career people who are pigeon -- for one thing striving to break out and other. And I'm curious about your physical transformation could you drop a lot of weight I -- the and it was that a part of this career. Deliberate decision. I just had a moment in my life for I said I want to become and then in that means with my career that means with life and that means -- my health. Now would you put on a hundred pounds for -- role. Importantly I would do anything for part that I felt could be great -- project has probably more funds. -- losing to the parents are quite. You'll let's see these slimmer -- in 21 jump street you'll Johnny -- young cops in high school drama that Jonah rewrote. As a comedy. I'm not going to be dominated word. But it is a crowd pleasing. Yeah. But then he says he's anxious to get his teeth into the kind of parts reserved. For Oscar nominees. You know. Series. That's what's kind of amazing about our business as much as it's -- this is crazy but one. -- 15 minute performance. One moments could change the course of your entire life.

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{"id":15477024,"title":"Jonah Hill: Grown Up","duration":"5:55","description":"Young comedy star takes on a dramatic role, and earns a Oscar nod. ","url":"/Nightline/video/jonah-hill-grown-slimmed-15477024","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}