'Joyful' Queen Latifah on Career

Actress and businesswoman talks about how family was a big part of her success.
3:00 | 01/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Joyful' Queen Latifah on Career
She released her first album all hail the queen when she was only nineteen years old. In the two decades plus -- Dana Owens a better known as Queen Latifah has won a Grammy Golden Globe and has been nominated for the Academy Award. She's -- short of surprises and to move away with a new movie in the offing ABC's Lara Spencer introduces us to a site of the queen. You haven't seen. You know -- -- friends just because we LL. I don't you get a fat it was at least attempt to will be. -- enough when we ask Queen Latifah how she wanted to spend the day. -- -- -- -- It was not my -- where's my -- on the end. You know what -- -- about the visit of the strategist gentlemen and you can keep it real we're keeping its own real -- -- And it doesn't get any more real than only. Polling is you know -- is just -- for me. It's just fun it gives you a chance to try to get it perfect you get hitched -- right on dancing the metaphor of your life -- a lot of strikes these days. It's true like 41 years old Queen Latifah has catapulted her career from the prone -- I carpets and I am who am -- you work out the siege -- ago. In her latest role she teams up with the feisty Dolly Parton to play -- choir director and joyful noise -- What don't nails it would -- science and she's not only the star she's also the film's executive producer. How tiny is -- her alive and -- rep. The network that I had credit card I'm -- looks -- years. Does that make it yeah I got yeah. But before she was the queen pinot Owens was a Jersey girl her mom was a school -- data -- -- just a regular kid from a humble home where did this. I've come from now I watched my mom and my dad worked really hard but also I got lucky enough sell its local school kids in high school -- All -- ideas we all have victory. Greens -- she made happy. At eighteen G -- the world of -- and eventually topping the charts with rap hits like UN I TY. I think it's helped me in my acting career you know what time it was written you know even live in single. Just don't -- -- nose -- face and you know that term in this you have to have a sticker that was kind of a natural to me. Don't they he has no fake lashes -- his trip -- up fake -- -- outing either. She quickly -- -- those rapping skills into much harder roles playing a rugged lesbian bank robber in the hit movie set it off. -- -- come -- that right it could not god is warning of Max. First time my head -- acting lessons was where it's -- often are back hired -- to coach because I knew that. I wanted to do something really special with the role I mean he did have anyway. Hanes underwear which can really comfortable with these things they can't -- cannot wait to get them off I'm like okay enough of this world and -- give her elegant. Way. Yeah. And the glamour with soon follow. By the time she starred in the movie Chicago she had truly become the queen. Fortunately have all been able to slowly build and grow anything that's what kept him grounded. I think what really has kept -- -- this happens real people around me I have friends real friends who are not yes. When I didn't exactly pat me on the back into the that they mixed Latin. They always loved -- So but even with her cover girl status and -- agents and clothing line even with the granny. Even with the hit series living single and the blockbusters like bringing down house and -- -- a -- Her brand continues to expand. What's the threat tickets through all of these different ventures that you have seen something that is done -- beauty that comes from the in sat out. With confidence and they'll also be some form of philanthropy. You know -- be unit 1 person but I am I'm fired -- 1% that came from nothing. In joyful noise Latifah plays a mother and -- -- -- And it's a role she says she -- see yourself playing in real life. I'm just don't have to build four those don't happen somehow some asked some why do you have what can be grandma. It's who you know you got at some point she. I just want him. -- live beyond myself accomplished all my home my goals you could've done this interview anywhere. He chose -- bowling Alley Wyatt I'm really wanted to go to the gun range but I didn't think he did very good sound maybe next time queen for Nightline Lara Spencer. --

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{"id":15302240,"title":"'Joyful' Queen Latifah on Career","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress and businesswoman talks about how family was a big part of her success. ","url":"/Nightline/video/joyful-queen-latifah-career-15302240","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}