Before the Las Vegas massacre, the 'day was really amazing': Part 1

Heather Melton, Gianna Baca, Dean McAuley and other survivors talk about how excited they were to be at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.
7:28 | 10/07/17

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Transcript for Before the Las Vegas massacre, the 'day was really amazing': Part 1
It's relaxation central. There's this kind of legacy of Las Vegas as being the place where something secret happens. Maybe you go on your own. But Las Vegas is also the place where people go in groups to have a wonderful time. And they dance and maybe they gamble, they hear music. The route 91 harvest festival had been a success for a number of years. 20,000 people, a three-day concert. A great cross-section of Americans who all wanted to come to that festival. And it drew all kinds of people. My name is Heather Melton and I live in big sandy, Tennessee. Sonny says that when he first saw me that I stole his heart. We kind of like to do some traveling and this year our thing has been going to concerts. We were very excited to come to the route 91 festival. My name is Dean Macaulay, a professional firefighter in Washington state. We go to this event every year, route 91 harvest fest in las Vegas. It's what we do. My name is Gianna Bacha, I'm a cheerleader. My sister Natalia Bacha, she's sassy like me. The best thing about being a twin that is we're always together, we're never alone, so you always have a best friend with you. My name's Lisa Fein and I have two children. I'm a professional organizer and personal trainer, nutritionist, and I live in Roseville, California. I'm Briana Scoggin. I'm Russell Bleck. We got engaged in New York. We were sailing and he popped the question. We were just celebrating the engagement still. Got free passes to the festival. September 29th, at about 11:50 in the morning, we had just landed in Vegas. For three days I was just ready to get on my country outfit and have fun. We got to the venue the first day. There were so many bands. We were excited, number one especially for sonny, was to see Eric church. ??? The thing about these country concerts is it's all tailgate, it's all party. You walk in, I'm looking at my phone for my list of all the t-shirts and stuff that people want back home. My sister and I were really excited. This is our first concert. Outside with a lot of people. We were so pumped for it. We just got up and had Breck fast. And wanted to watch some football. And then just kind of hung out until we decided to go over to the venue. Around 7:45, we left our house here and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the strip. Went to the venue and then got dropped off right out front. The venue is set up incredible. You just felt like you were safe because we went through metal detectors, they looked in our purses. There's so many people. Like everyone is really nice to each other. Even random people. They'd come up and dance with you. It was really fun. That day was really amazing. There was a lot of people there. There was a lot of different bands playing. ??? ??? We're all just excited, we're happy. And the music's incredible. It just -- music always touches our hearts and lives. All us girls like those cowboys that sing those cowboy songs that bring about love and fun and happiness. ??? ??? I just remember, it was such a great vibe at that point. Crazy! ??? All of a sudden journey came on, you hear this entire crowd start singing. ??? ??? We're dancing as much as you could, shoulder to shoulder. ??? ??? it kind of was a throwback to the '60s of peace, love and happiness. Every year that we go, we stand in the same place, met next to the vip booth. This particular day we went to the other side. The other side of the stage. And -- that was a game changer for us. I think one of the most moving parts of the whole three days was they sang "God bless America," the whole crowd was singing at the top of their lungs and they had their phones lit up. ??? God bless America ??? I had no sense that we were in any danger at all. It felt so safe. You see as far as the eye can see, just shoulder to shoulder people. So I was getting that on videotape. Kind did of to show how big the crowd was. Jason aldean started, I was so excited to see him. ??? We were in the front row enjoying Jason aldean. And in the video we are so happy. And everybody's just thrill the. We took a photo. Her and I took a photo. After that photo, the contrast was so dramatic. I mean, it's the calm before the storm. You had not a care in the world. Two minutes later, literally two minutes later, I looked at the time stamp, and everything changed. Like with an instant. All hell broke loose. I turned to sonny, was that a gun? He said, I don't think so. Because the music was very loud. I heard a -- like a crackle sound. It was so odd. I've been around firearms my whole life. But I didn't think it was a weapon at all. I thought it was just some feedback maybe from the amplifiers or something. So I continued to shoot. Then I hear somebody, was that a gun? I was like, on second thought, that sounded like an ar-15 from far away. That was an ar! It sounded like something out of -- you hear in the news with Afghanistan or Iraq. Any of the movies we see now. Just -- click, click, click, click, click, click. It's not a real gun, it doesn't sound like a real gun. It is a real gun! ! That's me screaming that it is a real gun. And within seconds you could tell, no, that is not fireworks, that is somebody just spraying bullets down on people, innocent people. Get down. Stay down! I said, I think that's guns. That's when Jason aldean ran off the stage. People started running. Run! When we come back, news stories of survival and heroism. And you don't want to miss the teenage girl seriously wounded, reunited with the man who helped save her life.

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{"id":50339989,"title":"Before the Las Vegas massacre, the 'day was really amazing': Part 1","duration":"7:28","description":"Heather Melton, Gianna Baca, Dean McAuley and other survivors talk about how excited they were to be at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.","url":"/Nightline/video/las-vegas-massacre-day-amazing-part-50339989","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}