Is a Liberal or Conservative Born or Made?

A social psychologist believes personal preferences, like messy vs. orderly, can reveal how you vote.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Is a Liberal or Conservative Born or Made?
What kind of dog you like or what kind of -- you prefer also indicate. We're gonna vote for this election one theory says yes because -- brain may actually be hard wired to make you would Democrat or Republican. So -- co anchor bill where hit the pavement to put it to the test. Take a look at these two paintings. Which one do you prefer. Which one of these two offices most resembles your own. And if you're picking up -- Would you prefer to read that his gentle but independent has a mind of its own or one that is -- obedience. -- tray based on how you answer that. -- -- Yet while all are lined winds have done with the it's not without social psychologist Jonathan height thinks he has a pretty good idea how you would vote they're conservatives. Yes yes yes. Yeah. Because it turns out the conservatives like Jim prefer order in their paintings pets and work spaces -- left. Leaning voters like his wife Shannon and -- that. And patted him. So much. Out this sort of stereo -- can be offensive. At first blush but professor -- uses them to illustrate where our political differences come from and -- He believes that when a baby is born that little. Brain contains a few fundamental moral ingredients. Like. Empathy. Fairness. Respect for authority and group loyalty. But as the child grows both brain chemistry and life experience will make some of those ingredients a lot more important than the others. Thought -- the -- to -- liberal or conservative but as these kids grow up. They're gonna be exposed to all kinds of ideas and social groups and one it is the more radical and -- obnoxious to authority that seems really cool to the first -- But some sort of disturbing to dissect it which is why most people come into election years with -- James made up the -- -- and events like tonight. I think a lot of people whether. -- Fox News conservatives are MSNBC liberals think if -- just put my argument in the right way and I can win the other side over that's right that's and that's good because I -- put my argued in the right light and they still don't get it. That means they've got ulterior motives that means they're not sincere. Depend. That's what Mitt Romney called 47%. Of Americans. Mr. President let us keep our jobs -- We can't afford four more years problem is -- -- political system is broken. When we massive fortunes respect demonizing the other side it's too easy to forget that society -- both -- artists and a tight soldiers to serve. Where all these moralistic preachers who are. Using our reasoning to support our side we're not really open to the evidence. And the other side is not evil the other -- doesn't hate Americans want to destroy it. Both sides are pursuing different moral visions and we actually need elements of both have a -- society. The couple -- each other exactly the liberals and conservatives really complement each other if one side controls everything that whole country's gonna go to have a very predictable ways. Yes believe it or not liberal and conservative brains can actually compliment each. Just like -- Simon -- honesty is -- complementary do you. Do you -- we're yeah. That's not yet. Yeah I went to my duties that we and -- -- avenue -- your children. Has carried out this very independent. Mines and kids on the street take home -- and scared and I you really are liberal. But she is a liberal going home with a conservative. And maybe if this crazy donkey elephant hybrid idea spreads -- America will thrive. It's no matter who wins the election. -- -- for Nightline in New York City.

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{"id":17460415,"title":"Is a Liberal or Conservative Born or Made?","duration":"3:00","description":"A social psychologist believes personal preferences, like messy vs. orderly, can reveal how you vote.","url":"/Nightline/video/liberal-conservative-born-made-17460415","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}