Louboutin's Hot High Heels

Christian Louboutin, the man behind the red-soled shoes, shares his genius.
3:00 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Louboutin's Hot High Heels
-- -- of high heels in and who doesn't. The -- were about to meet needs little introduction Kristen would -- is a high saint maybe even a day in the church -- -- footwear. If you don't worship at the altar of the stiletto then you'll want to know two things about his -- repair cost more than. Household appliances and the souls are always a flagrant. Flirtatious Redd who -- Sharon Alfonse. From the back of that's you can learn a lot about someone. Darting in and out of traffic from -- on his red best but it is clear my tractor is even. And -- might recognize his face his soul. Soul is now one of the most recognized in the world. Christian the boot time yes Batman -- town. The designer behind these sexy sky -- signature red -- juice. -- -- siren Angelina Jolie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And pop stars. Like Jennifer Lopez. Like this new parent -- the times news you know the heels of the bombers who sings -- used -- with her son. -- time and women lineup for his sexy -- outside his parents still but he has a very specific customer. He'd better have a -- -- -- Now on the Atlantis. I'd quite like minded. When it comes -- -- defeats fear all the exact Karachi. Exactly. When not -- isn't practicing his sky high track these routine. It was just easier than you designing sky -- issues here at retaliate in Paris with bookings via a custom made some. So this isn't custom chips and maybe Newton. He makes no apologies for this -- high prices -- -- yourself from anywhere from about 500 dollars to 6000 dollars. Today -- in front of more than 600000. Pairs a year. Some groups who was exactly like -- good water quantity. These shoes I've been to stay -- the last for long time. My son started sketching -- as a teen kicked out of school at sixteen he spent nights in Paris designing shoes for burlesque show girls. He launched his own company in 1991. Just three years later happy accident the prototype of issue he created comment. It's been lacking -- -- working with -- trying on the shoes which were -- and -- -- sort of have nothing to do socialist sort of -- and so she was doing and they else. So she had -- -- partners -- vote. When this black hat to these PS -- -- and then punish. And painted and sold with and help -- with the native polish. The theme is red soul was born. Today he says those red soles attract men -- -- bulls attracted to a red Kate. Seoul has also attracted something else copycats. Lovely -- is now embroiled in a nasty lawsuit suing one designer who started painting his Seoul's -- to stop. To be copied can be sort of taken as a compliment. -- waits to be read the attack in their way to -- and that's the viewed as a compliment. A lawyer -- in the hall said new designer should monopolize the -- to -- feel that you were monopolizing. I do not -- relies upon. Who took on. Took place from new Goodyear has put it. Jimenez is upon it and monopolizing. All right of that back -- that he has a blue edition came back. It is my trademark salute written. Trademark that's also viewed as a piece of -- this new book details twenty years of designs. Page after page of pure issue born. And watching women -- on the issues -- this study in psychology. Some -- on that could be comfortable with the ability. And even if you are not really comfortable with -- book you are comfortable with your -- to. Six months pregnant and feeling less than glamorous -- -- did to me. Think this is the line. A -- just wants -- house and it appears that. How are you would -- -- over half the size smaller. Yet. Comfort does not appear to be part of the little -- Tom lexicon. Some stilettos are seven inches high at the report these truth will be comfortable with and not meant to be certain types. -- -- We're going to respect that I had to win it all respect for granted this is. Sex he says is behind most of his designs one customer commissioned him to make issue for his wife with rubies all over the -- As well but. Once your -- to wait that person -- that it's good to pop up. He says it won't be anyway that is between -- do you want in a Norris told you don't have to think of it. Horizontal and young. Who was that would. After -- tourists you have in and -- best Farai do parents like so many other women I was convinced that love and time. Just might be my sold. For Nightline I'm Sharon -- in Paris.

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{"id":14987574,"title":"Louboutin's Hot High Heels","duration":"3:00","description":"Christian Louboutin, the man behind the red-soled shoes, shares his genius.","url":"/Nightline/video/louboutins-hot-high-heels-14987574","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}