Madoff Family Secrets

Exclusive: Bernard Madoff's daughter-in-law says he has blood on his hands.
3:00 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Madoff Family Secrets
For all the families who suffered at the dishonest greed of Bernard Madoff. None suffered more pain with lesson that have sympathy sympathy. And his own family but tonight we get a first ever view from the inside and the sheer scale of their loss is astounding. Here's ABC's chief law and justice correspondent. Chris Cuomo. To the outside world they were the picture of the prosperous family roots and Bernard Madoff the mighty money -- of Wall Street. And -- sons mark and -- who both worked with their powerful father. That is until December 10 2008 when it all fell apart. Stephanie Madoff was busy decorating her apartment and getting ready for the holidays suddenly she receives a panicked phone call from her husband -- He was out of breath and He said when hair are Yale student quits -- -- -- -- I'm -- Stephanie but it's my father my father's done something really bad. Her husband she says had grown increasingly concerned about his father's business. Finally confronting him that fateful afternoon. He marched into his father's office and said what that. Is going on here and -- linked to his house on 64 street and told them that his business what is. Just one big lie and that He was billions in debt He said that Bernie delivered the news like that flat after flat -- fact. Ruth was sitting on -- caps like -- on -- saying nothing. Mark and Andy turned in their father that day. Bernie confessed to running the biggest Ponzi scheme in history all told 65 billion dollars conned out of investors. He used his fund has a personal piggy bank. He was convicted and sentenced to a 150 years in prison. -- hideous scam was crushing four mark especially the accusations. That He was complicit in his father's crimes. To date neither mark nor -- have been charged or even made subject to a criminal investigation. My husband knew nothing. He knew nothing I could tell how He react to it He was in pure shock. And you could see that the trail on his face and in his body. And He -- destroyed. But the most devastating division. May have been between mark and his mother Ruth. He could understand how she could continuously. Standby. This man who ruined so many lives who ruined his life. -- broken man was a far cry from the handsome yet humble millionaires Stephanie married in 2004. I was so happy that day. -- could never have predicted what would happen in December of 2010. And two year anniversary of Bernie's arrest. The day her mother told her mark had hanged himself in their apartment. I just hear her say. Oh my god. Only -- and I went running around -- she's like he's dead Stephanie he's. On the de en route emailed Stephanie. And -- what mark had wanted to hear most. I'll regret until my dying day that I didn't do what He asked about -- not seen burning. This week was a brutal one and I was about to change its too late what a -- -- ones. You blame. Ruth yes. I'm angry at her very angry at her if you are angry at her how do you feel about -- -- -- -- -- If I -- bringing me off right now. I would tell him that I -- fully responsible for killing my husband. And -- -- in his face. You say in the book. To the people out there who were victimized you identify with -- I do feel for them IT field by. My parents were victims of irony you were a victim. I was a victim of Bernie my children. Are victims of -- she also writes there would be one more betrayal to endure after she told Andy about her memoir. He did everything to stop it He called my publicist stopped and said she will be single handedly bringing the Stanley down you'll be bringing her family -- right. And then I learned. In June. That He and -- Behind and a tell all made off book that was coming out and since June. His requests. To visit me and the kids have completely stopped. She says her memoir is the bookmark couldn't write for himself. Stifled by his attorneys. I think it was a huge mistake that He was not allowed to to have a voice in this nightmare. And it's one of the reasons why -- written this buckets it's to give mark a voice. In two days Stephanie Madoff Mac would have celebrated her seventh wedding anniversary. Mac is the new name -- -- -- agreed on for their family. For a new life she will now have to face alone. It after reading my book five people out there believe he's innocent and I think I've done my job. If you feel. He'd be really -- me now. For Nightline I'm Chris Cuomo in New York.

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{"id":14791005,"title":"Madoff Family Secrets","duration":"3:00","description":"Exclusive: Bernard Madoff's daughter-in-law says he has blood on his hands.","url":"/Nightline/video/madoff-family-secrets-14791005","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}