Making of 'I Will Always Love You'

Music producer David Foster reveals how the epic ballad almost didn't happen.
2:24 | 02/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Making of 'I Will Always Love You'
Our precious few songs that find their way into the lifeblood of the culture and Whitney Houston's recording of I will always love you was one of them. But it was almost never the court in the first place here's the incredible inside story. -- -- -- -- -- It was this song that won her -- Grammy should that matter ration out millions. -- or simple. I will always love you. He was 29 year old with Houston in full command of her talent. Whitney has money notes sold. It's the ability to hit a -- dead on when she goes and die. She hits and no we're -- And then after about two seconds -- breaks in the bravado this just let. David foster's 116 grammys from 46 nominations. For songs with some of the greatest recording artists of all time. But -- when he says was more talented. Than Whitney Houston. I would go. Seeing this they go. Celine. Would give me. Exactly what I asked for which just thrilled me when I would ask we need to do that she would give me something different. When -- -- four and 99% of the time. It would be something better than last four and at first I would go no that's not what I hate. Well that's really something and I forget about the idea that I had -- that was the genius. Part of the genius of Whitney Houston. Their first collaboration in 1992 was let -- film the bodyguard. A massive box office success. Outdone only by the soundtrack which sold 44 million coffee. Including hits like run to you. And I had nothing. Yes but surprisingly. I will always love you. Almost didn't make the movie I didn't even know. The song I never heard of before but we've picked the song what becomes of the broken hearted and a low on the surface. And what the -- Remove. I had -- I sat in my studio and I did not one but two demos of that song played the demos for the -- -- Really do we really have to do this song I mean it's my song but it's just not right for me and I felt the same way. The film's co starred Kevin Costner came to the rescue. Suggesting then lesser known song written by Donald Clark. -- -- Next day columns I've got to -- I heard it and I am immediately. Heard. The finished record. In my brain along with the key change in the big boom and. And your trailer I was so excited some relief I got it -- -- about it. When I played it for her. And of course she could face lit up because. She knew I knew that I. Thank -- in Houston would go on to win three grams fat. Thank you David for such a great production I mean we did they did together that the experience forged a friendship that lasted through the years. He produced one. Her last words I didn't know my own strength. Written by -- anyway that in talked about I was is doing and to do it myself and thinking what what what she wanna say what -- feel you know I. I crashed down my tumbled -- in the humble. I got to all the pain in the months and Spain. Yeah. Tonight she has been returned home to new York and mighty strength soon. To be -- to back.

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{"id":15579423,"title":"Making of 'I Will Always Love You'","duration":"2:24","description":"Music producer David Foster reveals how the epic ballad almost didn't happen.","url":"/Nightline/video/making-love-15579423","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}