'Less-Meatarians' Cut Down on Beef

Health, cost and the climate spur many to push meat to the side of the plate.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for 'Less-Meatarians' Cut Down on Beef
Well the fading smell of Labor Day -- smoke helps prove the point this is a nation largely of carnivores -- -- eat more meat per person. And almost anywhere else on earth but recent USDA study suggests that our devotion to T bones in -- jobs. Is waning as more Americans -- to put away the steak knife ABC's Jim problem linked up with -- one meat loving chef. To see if he could kick the -- For celebrity chef Angelo Sosa played it -- out every -- the race he has to keep energized. My days and -- landmines everywhere -- and I really like fast race he's that committed on the cool I have this Mongolian lamb. Probably like -- cave man picking up the lamb lamb -- and it totally. Massacre and it. But today 30% of Americans are eating less meat concerns over health impact on the environment and higher prices. Have all led to movements like meatless Mondays and a 12% drop in consumption over the last five years. So Nightline asked Sosa to go for three days unless -- -- -- -- -- -- Dial back the -- and amp up the vegetables fruits and -- -- -- and I don't need to be weighed down I don't -- like more fat and my system so we're gonna make a watermelon can she -- -- the first day was it socially his -- -- yachts were at caesar's salad with chicken for his meal. -- getting Atlantis which is -- fashion and Alex just makes you feel good the manager brings by the new virgin bloody marys being -- like it's gorgeous right. But he wants to add something more -- -- through the vegetable based direct. I can totally imagine. Smoke -- we just put a nice oyster. I think portfolio in Mason but before you think you have to be a celebrity -- to be satisfied with a less meat -- -- -- every year we delay our eyes on. Meet mark Pittman. Noted -- for the New York Times in advocate for less media -- -- He's out to prove that anyone and can easily and affordably eat less meat as -- done. How we get past the thing that we. The where we believe that vegetables -- Combining vegetables -- me makes them much more interest thing and this is historically how people hate meat and fish were treasures they were treats. A kitchen in Manhattan Pittman gives me a lesson and -- -- -- -- Cook. Really -- with sellers there's incredible strongly. -- what's up a castaway basically parked in -- spot light on the floor. How much healthier is this -- in fact there's no question. It's harder and micro nutrients. But will it be satisfied into a long time big meter like me enjoy them I was a little -- and it's. Sosa is also looking through a little bit of war this is -- -- This is some Mexican peso to -- so in this case while eating dinner at a game is Mexican tequila. -- -- find somebody. Hidden deep inside that tomorrow is a piece of pork -- That's still very healthy innings and unfortunately that's peso was found what -- -- one part studies aside by the end of his 72 hour diet of less -- Sosa said he felt different my body. Feels very healthy I feel like it's running on high octane gas. -- Jeff said he cut his meat intake by about two -- I haven't happened you know you don't have an -- Any happier than -- actually tastes better it's -- better. And this is what scares the meat industry -- while large numbers of Americans are unlikely to become full vegetarian. More and more are cutting back on meat and still finding their meals satisfying. And health. Tennis great meet the new site. We're night and I'm Jamal Lewis in two years.

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{"id":17145837,"title":"'Less-Meatarians' Cut Down on Beef","duration":"3:00","description":"Health, cost and the climate spur many to push meat to the side of the plate.","url":"/Nightline/video/meatarians-cut-beef-17145837","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}