Mommy Mariah: Twins' Big Debut

Superstar talks to Barbara Walters in her first interview since the twins' birth
3:30 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mommy Mariah: Twins' Big Debut
And finally tonight we have ABC's Barbara Walters here with us welcome Barbara. Let's with tonight's -- the death of Moammar Qaddafi and Libya you interviewed more than once what your thoughts well I interviewed him an attempt. On his compound in the middle of Tripoli then would -- -- camels wandering around the confused trying to show that He was still. A tribesman in those -- -- -- -- enemy feminine gave up nuclear weapons He was our friend. That you know up until just a few months ago. There was still a lot of people trying to invest in Libya some of them Americans but Barbara you -- with a whole new story tonight from the tense in Libya. To the -- -- of New York when Mariah Carey at dispatch it's a stretch -- you do at all. So scary that it had twins famously -- six months ago and she's also been famously married to Nick Cannon. -- -- A festival tomorrow and -- rendition of these babies for the first time and they -- after that Larry Cuban very difficult first marriage to record executive -- -- -- try to control she didn't like that have now. So what you have -- and. I can't. Initially I was afraid. The concept of -- because. When I first day I was -- that wasn't really what I want to do you know. But this is a different situation and -- -- different person it's a different time my life and nobody will ever be able to steal my experience. Again so I'm just happy to be in love. Mariah and nick waited in 2008. Only weeks after they -- met hasn't had a -- -- It definitely was soon -- -- into hopeless romantic thing people who have the same aspirations and so little oil wells. I think we'd love the idea that we and. Then and we love and He and I won't drama -- likely aren't and I say your dramatic out of -- -- mean I know that I don't at a budget yes. -- may have taken a lot of pitches. -- now lives in -- -- 121000 square foot -- plex apartment in new York and it's quite a place a few years back Mariah gave me a tour. Of this palatial home. -- well isn't. Barack never seen anything like. I it's -- I'm will be sent but that's a pretty big statement coming from you. Those -- to Mariah hit. We belong together seems quite fitting as a lot of time for the -- song that He won't. In the -- who can't man. Deval you do believe -- let me get it right here. We're gonna crazies -- in new Mario baby fat well yes and -- Yes I think I don't suburb but not to suburban there's just something about New Yorkers -- slightly more. Being -- thank -- as -- Mariah Carey thanks. How fun Barbara and tomorrow and over Tennessee another whole aspect of the interviewing point 18 annual seeing the babies for the first time in his -- debut. Barbara thank you as always we'll be watching. And there is much more Barbara's interview Mariah Carey tomorrow and Good Morning America. And tomorrow night on 22 when He is Barbara said He will go inside the twins' nursery -- see them for the very first time.

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{"id":14784356,"title":"Mommy Mariah: Twins' Big Debut","duration":"3:30","description":"Superstar talks to Barbara Walters in her first interview since the twins' birth","url":"/Nightline/video/mommy-mariah-twins-big-debut-14784356","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}