Murder in Grosse Pointe

Who strangled a mother and executive in her Mercedes SUV?
5:37 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Murder in Grosse Pointe
The worst kind of crime in the best kind of neighborhood a place where pedestrians -- -- kids ride bikes and residents take comfort. And they almost complete lack of violent crime statistics but. All it took was one murder to -- this community to inject fear and suspicion and spark a debate on whether the threat came from outside. Or within. Here's ABC's Dan Harris. It is and unlikely place for a murder. I tell shot driver made a grim discovery early this morning -- Mercedes gross point Michigan and posh suburb where in the motor city's early auto barons built there's. -- -- -- -- was last seen about. PM on Tuesday at a meeting in downtown Detroit this is one of the wealthiest and safest communities in America. Company. I need to. Detroit investigators say they do not believe this was a random. An unlikely venue for violence and an unlikely victim Jane but -- a mother of. Do a successful executive and an active community volunteers. I was shocked shocked and devastated she. Listen to enter ends of friends and the leader cents. -- -- -- -- -- This community has watched in horror not only as deet -- of -- -- have spilled out. But also as her husband Bob -- known as big Bob a former Rotary Club president has gone from an object of sympathy. 21 of suspicion. He is a person of interest -- our investigation this mystery began late last two. Tuesday afternoon when Jane -- told her husband she was going home from work. I got home -- -- five after eight and she wasn't around and I. You know -- -- after that you will assault running and -- and that's 9930. Approached it became much more concerned. I've been calling her cell -- To find out and that and then as time got -- -- involve the police. The next morning she was found dead strangled in her Mercedes SUV. A band in in an Alley in a poor neighborhood of Detroit. Eight miles and a world away from the couple's elegant suburban side street. Tonight we're learning that when she was found she was wearing a Green blouse and black pants and that her house slippers were on the floor of the vehicle. Her body was apparently lodged between the front and back seats. She had several broken nails and there was a prescription bottle police say on the passenger side seat. Tonight his wife's body was found Bob bush are received hugs of condolence at a candlelight vigil. -- -- -- It's just unthinkable that this happened to her and what she had to suffer. And just so upset about it. -- the next day he was called in for questioning but. Police I'm doing what I need to do to cooperate with the authorities to find who did this to my life. A day after that more questioning and a search of the family home with cadaver -- Police took away computers. They also administered a polygraph on -- which according to our local ABC affiliate WX YZ. He failed although his family members say they still do not believe he -- it them. However it was after that failed polygraph that police started to describe the -- As their only person of interest in this case person of interest tends to be -- -- and it means he's a suspect. And since there's only one person of interest that means there's only one suspect. And that's him. The questions starting to amount publicly both from Jane's family members who say they suspect Bob is hiding something. And also from the police who tonight confirm. That Bob -- -- version of events. Does not add up he has insisted he never saw his wife the night she died but the evidence apparently shows otherwise. If this is really a robbery or carjacking police are reportedly asking why would -- killer or killers have left Jane -- -- body here in this Alley. Without taking her credit cards or her SUV which would be worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars. When you got valuables left in the car. You've got a body that may have been moved into the backseat. And got to cause of death that appears to be strangulation. Those are facts that tend to be inconsistent. With a stranger. Carjacking for example. As the heat ratcheted up Bob Musharraf stop talking to reporters. But his family including his sister started to push back aggressively in his defense. Everybody knows my brother didn't know that he is incapable of this act. And we are totally supporting him family community friends that simply doesn't -- themselves. Neighbor Patrick Jones tells ABC news there were no obvious problems in the -- is married. What makes the least amount -- -- Here's what motive bobbled. To be involved in something like -- And at the big fear now is that this might in fact. Be random. Everyone's eager to figure out what happened and hopefully bring perpetrators to justice. Late today hundreds of people poured into a funeral home -- visiting hours and tomorrow -- the -- funeral will be held. Even as her violent death remains a mystery and her husband shrouded in suspicion. For Nightline this is Dan Harris in Grosse Pointe Michigan.

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{"id":15477148,"title":"Murder in Grosse Pointe","duration":"5:37","description":"Who strangled a mother and executive in her Mercedes SUV?","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-grosse-pointe-15477148","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}