Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies Extravaganza

From the Industrial Revolution to Voldemort, London dazzled the world with all things British.
3:00 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies Extravaganza
on this town in this night. This was seven years, 40 million dollars in the making and boy did it show. Interesting four years ago we got a sample of chinese greats. Tonight it was all about british intelligence. Their cultural contributions from this island nation over the centuries here. Danny boyle who won an oscar for slum dog millionaire who brought the world train spotting and 28 days later, this may be his crowning achievement. It began with a lush island villages. Transformed by a bit of kenneth bra that shakespeare and industrial revolution. Rivers form rings, olympic rings that rise in spark in the london night. And in a sweeping rambling narrative, danny boyle gave tribute to james bond and the queen to harry potter and the national health care system, even mr. Bean and the investor of the internet. ♪ Reporter: And then hours after the history lesson began, the former british colleague known as america entered powerful and beaming. Watched as the moving kal dron sculpture was lit by young athletes nominated by british medalist pastd. Passing the tor toch a new generation. Plenty of locals never thought things would go back this way. But somehow, everybody went up on schedule. Still in typical british fashion, when they started to feel good about things r, something embarrassing would happen. Not enough security guards. Young korean flag at a soccer game. Tough for the world to get around in a city layed out in the middle ages, so they insisted london reserve special lanes for dignitaries. They are furious about the gridlock and touching down at heathrow airport, it was reasonable to expect to land.I say we take it. If we get pulled over, you can tell them I'm michael phelps or And there are similar frustrations with fans, official ticket seller for americans had a six-hour line. Some families got nar tickets they had been seated on opposite sides of the arena. We had some volleyball tickets four of them are together, they're not beside each other. She got on the computer and was able to get it. I got archery, and beach volleyball. Are any of those your favorite sports? No. They are now. But one fan who had no trouble getting tickets first lady michelle obama who began the morning by hosting one of his signature let's move events. Inspire a generation of dangerously obese kids to get off the couch. It's amazing to think that those athletes that we'll be cheering for over the next couple weeks, they started out running around in the yard. That's the point. You are trying to change the has be habits of a generation. It's tough for kids to get the kind of exercise. If you don't live in a community whether it's athletic facility, free parks or safe places to play in the community, it's hard to change that scenario. What would your eolympic event be. Oh, gosh. If you could have your fantasy, what would you play. Complete fantasy I would be a jimmy. But come on, 511 frj I tried when I was younger. But I loved gymnastics. I was in awe of what those women would do and men, the strength to combine everything, dance, and strength and acrobatics, but that's really a fantasy. If we get to something that's a little more realistic, maybe it would be track. I would like to think I was Reporter: Distance, sprinter? Sprinter. You saw me. It's longer than that, no. I have to stick with the sprint. Reporter: Finally, missy frankly is from aurora, colorado. What are your thoughts a week after that happened. Our hearts go out to the entire community when something like that happens, it impacts the entire community. It affects the country. Hopefully these olympics will give the family something else to look at, so remember, you know, why we're all here.

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{"id":16874837,"title":"Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies Extravaganza","duration":"3:00","description":"From the Industrial Revolution to Voldemort, London dazzled the world with all things British.","url":"/Nightline/video/olympics-2012-opening-ceremonies-extravaganza-16874837","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}