Panda Suit-Clad Researchers Save Bears

Chinese researchers don panda costumes to treat the endangered species.
3:00 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Panda Suit-Clad Researchers Save Bears
It has been scientifically established in these giant panda is a species in need serious help it's also -- Scientifically establish that panda cubs are technically speaking super duper cute. What is not exactly clear as how best to prepare the captive cubs for life in the wild but we heard about a plan involving full panda costumes. Well we just had to buy a ticket to China for ABC's David Wright and tonight's sign of the times. They are cuter than -- Species so soft and cuddly that in this world they would have to be rare. Tragically there in danger. Difficult to get to -- well the road that leads up the mountain to the long panda research center. Hasn't yet recovered from the 2008 earthquake that ripped through China's Sichuan Province. Bumpy ride narrow and prone to landslides. You feel like you're headed. -- -- Just a few years ago this was a thriving tourist attraction. Hope to more than sixty little bears China's most successful panda breeding facility. Now -- long has the feel of Jurassic Park the lost world the tourist signs in buildings still here. But the place is empty except for the pandas and a handful of researchers the tourist paths are now overgrown with -- bamboo. A few of the -- like this little guy are destined for other breeding centers were quite possibly is -- overseas. The most. Yes I have. It sound like these it's like taking care -- Child but the hope is that most of the cubs will eventually be released into a large open reserve just over the mountain. So the researchers here take great care to minimize any contact with humans. Whenever they head out to clean the enclosures they dressed as Lyndon. Dressing up in camouflage isn't that. In China when it comes to -- they tend to take conservation measures to the extreme. For instance in nearby Chengdu where they relocated to breeding program after the 2008 quake they -- -- couples in the mood. By showing them and a porn. Movies to help the bears understand exactly what to do. In that spirit of trying anything that might help. The researchers at -- along came up with and unusual way to study the bears a close. -- -- like a -- Halloween customs big fluffy black and white giant panda suits. Complete with bugs me. -- -- The idea is that the pandas -- become to accustomed to human beings not just get a full. On the day we visited there weren't quite enough panda suits for everybody so -- -- my Palacio -- producer Carson you. Had to dress up like shrubbery of -- -- The cookbook. Not that -- suits. And at a complete the event -- are liable to fool anybody least of all the little panda cubs this one was born four months ago today. Every month to get to visit from this a group of giant Teddy bears who quietly measure him. -- him and take notes on his health and progress. He's clearly a little freaked out by the whole thing but he cooperates. Maybe -- those. It's very difficult thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And usually nobody's watching this procedure except the real pandas who must be slightly confused by. It's funny -- -- -- hey you know whatever works right. I feel that they still can smell a person no matter what they look like but I think it's -- -- step in the right direction. Done in all earnestness in the name of science and for a very worthy cause. Quite possibly the oddest looking doctors hopes call on her. With producer Carson you I'm David Wright for Nightline at the -- loan panda research center and Sichuan China.

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{"id":15044458,"title":"Panda Suit-Clad Researchers Save Bears","duration":"3:00","description":"Chinese researchers don panda costumes to treat the endangered species.","url":"/Nightline/video/panda-suit-clad-researchers-save-bears-15044458","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}