Obama's Body Man

Former Duke basketball star has been by President Obama every step of the way.
4:25 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Obama's Body Man
Quick who's the one person who spend every day all day with President Obama -- the called the body man Reggie Love is his name. No one's closer he's traveled nearly 900000. Miles with the president but now. He's moving on Rachel Nichols a correspondent for our sister network ESPN. Join Reggie Love for one of his last days at the White House appreciates. The Nightline in it. This door right here -- -- the deal. One of the four doors the president can enter or exit there. This is the tiny office of 29 year old Reggie Love president Obama's body man. It's just four feet away from the Oval Office his modest home base for -- eighteen Allegheny it's he -- even sleeps year. -- face a small but the real -- valuable. And -- you know you can't -- that you. Specialists myself that America first got a glimpse of how important the body man is from Charlie president -- right hand on the west wing. I wanted to remind you that you -- in meeting -- office with senior staff. But after four years lost -- leading his post a year before the next presidential election. It's a cliche to say loved -- had a front row seat to history but as these White House photos show its true. He -- handing the president a note telling him this stimulus bill had been passed and either -- -- health care bill was signed. But now let's just decided it's time to stop living the president's life and start living his -- -- student at the university of Pennsylvania's -- Wharton business school. The actual conversation. Where you said. I'm -- And said you know on this president's point of the year your -- and your opinion on this and he understands that. That is tough that -- around so for me. Tell us also to -- the first namely Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia and First Lady Michelle she's under like so much more pressure this remains -- and the president -- you know anyone else who works in the west lane but it work it's the president and love who play the role of the old married couple. What is he did it drives you crazy and what do you do the -- -- -- I'm 28 when the united stubborn and think that I know things that I may not know the answer to is like. Just take my advice -- like. I got elected president he should listen to me anyway the thing that used to kill me is that the guy loves to ride around what they see off like in the summer. And and Magid -- start sweating it's eighty degrees in the star. I and I pass out within that is to ever got it for something for real. -- I and -- choose not to answer that question. We first met the six foot five former Duke University basketball and football star during the 2008 campaign after starting in the mail room of Obama's senate office he eventually won his -- confidence to travel by his side. The two famously bonded over their shared love of sports -- On the campaign plane look explained tree -- at his job. Carrier in -- it's. Like -- lint brush toothbrush it's scope. -- drugs -- the bed. I've hit -- to. Aretha Franklin. And John Coltrane and he in turn has. Downloaded Jay-Z -- Little warning them so that I'm not a complete funny that you. -- picture -- the first day of the presidency. The two of them walking into the Oval Office. What do you remember from that. And it's kind of -- -- the one thing I remember is that there was still Bush's furniture the other thing I remember was that I had no idea what I was doing. You were there when he was a senator from Illinois you were there when he became. -- the most beloved people in the world you've been there as the popularity has dipped in the polls what is it like for you watching some when you're that close to. Go through section almost historic up and down. Even when he was really popular. There are still a lot of nasty things being said -- and you aren't going to be able to change the hearts and minds of everyone that thinks this way he thought this. The president's life I think I've just been lucky -- have today and very long passenger on an amazing amazing journey for Nightline this is Rachel Nichols in Washington.

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{"id":15022114,"title":"Obama's Body Man","duration":"4:25","description":"Former Duke basketball star has been by President Obama every step of the way.","url":"/Nightline/video/reggie-love-obama-duke-basketball-president-politics-us-15022114","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}