Rocket Man: World Record for JetLev Flight

A wild ride with the daredevil trying to establish a world record with a water-propelled jet pack.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rocket Man: World Record for JetLev Flight
-- -- new world's record is no easy task especially when that record is attempting to fly further than anyone has ever flown before. On a futuristic. Water propelled. -- -- But that's exactly what one man set up to do. We -- ABC's nick watt along for the ride. Take one daredevil with a -- jewel. Futuristic contraption -- for a new world. The longest jet -- life. Over open water 26 all -- from Newport Beach. We're now -- Nolan has ever. -- its people its personal -- -- every person's dream out there it truly is. Like being -- -- you are flying through the air like Superman Iron Man and it's and you can go underwater to. -- basically to 400 hoses straps to your -- fishing 1000 gallons of water a minute thirty feet up in the air. 35 miles an hour. It's cold and jet left -- commercially available to anyone with a lust for flights and a hundred -- Invented by a genius in Florida who is unsurprisingly. A double 07 -- He saw James -- -- ball. And yet -- Intrigued -- visually that he shows. Was thinking that you could actually use water pressure rather than hydrogen nitrogen and these self contained packs. Dean walls a -- -- to -- just a year ago they say anyone can do it and -- -- that committee. -- -- sensation is other worldly imagine you're swimming in the eighth and suddenly. You call it a try not -- -- toll centered. You can fly like may elect that the ultimate sport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel. The election car actually flying and you don't feel you're condition. I'm I'm -- That's Joliet Jack -- structure in new port beach where they -- and I -- and. They -- that. An adult. But on the open water. Different story waves can easily into -- the water supply -- that hold on the ocean which -- whole lives gallons. That fight. You literally can be thrown into a back flip them and you can -- on the water because the -- unit gets lifted that yet if you're not anticipating it and you're not prepared. -- can throw you off. Four hours plus and his arms are numb his body is aching his whole body is -- line. -- the matter of can't be done. -- -- -- Resident bears visit a play. Now he's now the world's -- record holder -- O'Malley -- made just. Ran -- text. Sick. And -- what for Nightline. In Pasadena --

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{"id":17514176,"title":"Rocket Man: World Record for JetLev Flight","duration":"3:00","description":"A wild ride with the daredevil trying to establish a world record with a water-propelled jet pack.","url":"/Nightline/video/rocket-man-world-record-jetlev-flight-17514176","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}