Why Did Romney Win New Hampshire?

ABC News' Matt Dowd and GOP analyst Donna Brazile break down the results.
3:50 | 01/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Why Did Romney Win New Hampshire?
Welcome back to our special edition of Nightline your voice your vote and Hampshire primary it's big night for Mitt Romney let's -- in ABC news little consultant mapped out here in New York. And in Manchester -- action. New Hampshire. Democratic strategist Donna Brazil welcome mat Donna what do we make -- this is Mitt runner Mitt Romney now that prohibitive front. I think it's a few things we made its first -- he is different -- that -- he was -- haven't come and when you end up with 3830 and 40% and he ends up with get a bump out of this so. He's now won two in a row. That hasn't happened in a long time last time that happened Gerald Ford 12 Iowa New Hampshire I think it's a big deal. Though there's a lot of lessons we can't apply to South Carolina which is next the first one is 60% of the vote in south Carolina's evangelical. Only 20% of the vote in New Hampshire was evangelicals so that is one issue that he's gonna have to confront that he hasn't had that would last having only -- 15% of the vote. In South Carolina so he's gonna have to deal with back. But I think for all intents and purposes when you look at this history likely publicity that -- -- to battle with Rick Perry Rick Santorum. And Newt Gingrich together got less votes than Ron Paul. And this combat their vote got less votes -- Paul I think the factory ultimately have to deal with is the long slog that Ron Paul is gonna put him through. Ron Paul no matter how soon Mitt Romney -- this thing up is gonna make him have to keep an infrastructure all the way to the end and nobody can -- to get -- Donna what do you make. -- first Somalia as another big challenge to look there's no question here at home court advantage here in New Hampshire. The voters here -- hand. They know his -- in Massachusetts but the Republicans did something. Over the last few days said Dave clearly didn't -- months ago and that -- -- challenge to Mitt Romney on his. Major. Message which is he is a businessman he is a lead and that he can create jobs. Rick Santorum Newt Gingrich Rick Perry did soared into that racket and nothing. Mitt Romney while he's Selena and South Carolina -- you'll have to reconstruct this message. That he's a candidate that knowledge can be -- Barack Obama but that he's a candidate that will bring something different to the table for Republicans. He also lost amounts up within a five independents and didn't do well -- middle class voters a man Romney still has a lot of awards to the -- but lots of this nomination. But -- I wanna pick about semi -- and -- you guys something this this sense that Occupy Wall Street has taken over the Republican candidates -- to listen to what Rick Perry. Had to say about Mitt Romney's tenure as they venture capitalist at Bain Capital. There just vultures. -- vultures that are sitting out there on them on the tree limb -- and further the company to get sick and then they swoop in. They eat the carcass. They leave. With that and they leave the skeleton. Very colorful I actually think somebody should have taken up this -- along time ago a populist Republican had a big time room in this race. To run against big government big Wall Street. Big business is until the last two days of -- -- did that I think Mitt Romney bled some. If you take a look for the folks he had before the last few days he got fifteen points among the people that voted in the last few days this is a message that will work well in South Carolina. If they have the resources and if they have the time and. -- will it work well long term. For the Democrats. There's no question that Democrats will look on -- -- herding -- that -- and make sure that Mitt Romney has what it takes to lead the country. And I can tell you right now he's gone come -- -- the Republicans missed an opportunity to get this message out earlier. All right Donna Brazil -- -- Thanks very much.

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{"id":15336878,"title":"Why Did Romney Win New Hampshire?","duration":"3:50","description":"ABC News' Matt Dowd and GOP analyst Donna Brazile break down the results.","url":"/Nightline/video/romney-win-hampshire-15336878","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}