Santa Guns: Peace on Earth?

In Arizona, nothing says "merry Christmas" like a photo with Santa and an AK-47.
3:00 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Santa Guns: Peace on Earth?
Tis the season when we think about peace on earth but for some keeping the peace means packing a peace even for a visit to Santa. Here's David Wright with the seasonal sign of the time. It's the highest caliber Christmas card picture you're likely to -- Side -- OK corral. Riding shotgun with it's fun for all ages. And lest you think high powered firearms are not exactly in the Christmas spirit. Have you never seen at Christmas story. -- Grail of Christmas gifts the red Ryder 200 shot range model air rifle and with a Christmas miracle. -- -- -- -- The machine. The key eight. Nothing says Christmas like an AK 47 but the the but the whatsoever -- Run Kennedy is a spokesman for the Scottsdale gun at the line stretched well into the parking lot. Families taking part in what may be -- -- photo op. Holiday season one's victory. Jarring image to outsiders sort of -- violent Christmas and it's. CNN -- -- the name that's correct him. Usually you think of Christmas Santa and it's Macy's or Bloomingdale's. And gun club. Absolutely people decide to celebrate the holidays and unique ways some choose to do it with -- at the mall others in front of their -- Are members and customers like to do was -- -- machine guns. This is terrorism after -- where many believe the Second Amendment is the only reason the First Amendment means anything. This is. -- -- -- Daddy's not the only one -- and -- in the -- actually. Mommy has a bright pink revolver -- tough to say who's more excited disease and -- in this -- the kids or that. It's a fact of life their guns everywhere especially in Arizona that's what we're doing this we -- really. Fared little -- continent. Well -- Notices right. One assignments. Our kids have never -- guns. The little ones and advertise -- until there five years old -- they can actually go through currency because some parents think fighters -- -- little. Not this ground. Yeah. Terrific -- something in the -- We will go. We're friendly fire that we have -- important let's talk about finger discipline and most of this -- elves wearing sidearms take the opportunity to give everyone a quick gun safety chip. Don't pointed -- anybody and keep your finger off the trigger unless you mean business. Important to note these weapons are not loaded in the firing pins have been removed. These are decommissioned firearms and have been clearing and seeking checked between exits are you worried at all about the message that says. We actually just trying to make fun holiday themed events for those who actually wanted to express their holiday spirit and their love for the shooting sports or their -- -- firearms and a nice -- slightly different view. Peace on earth doesn't -- I think -- you know there are our folks who see it in different ways even in Arizona an event like this season forever. Equitable way to celebrate the birth of the savior I would have to suggests to -- his -- might want to take another look at the new testament to see if there's any scripture for this. -- -- -- -- says to me it's common sense you don't joke around with guns. But the gun club that opinion appears to be in the minority you can set a -- with. Perhaps -- -- ethnic but didn't he get all the latest and yes but it. Peace on earth. Don't mess with -- I'm good Wright for Nightline. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15225944,"title":"Santa Guns: Peace on Earth?","duration":"3:00","description":"In Arizona, nothing says \"merry Christmas\" like a photo with Santa and an AK-47.","url":"/Nightline/video/santa-guns-peace-earth-15225944","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}