Santa's Little Layaway Helpers

In a rash of holiday spirit, "Secret Santas" anonymously pay strangers' bills.
4:27 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Santa's Little Layaway Helpers
These are tough times for many families trying to put Troy is under the tree this year for their kids. Little surprise more people than ever seem to be behind on lay away hoping that by Christmas Day they can take those presents home. And now many will be able to across the country secret Santas are reminding us all. Of the true meaning of Christmas here's Dan Harris with a seasonal. You are watching the moment -- -- Sepulveda. Learns that a total stranger has paid off. Her lay away -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The family has had serious economic struggles recently so as the news -- in. -- nine year old daughter weeks in the aisles at this Kmart and -- -- mesa California. This is a scene that is playing out in -- in wal marts across America this holiday season. They totally that this mysterious. Since it paid off my life away and I'm just totally -- out. It happened to this grandmother battling colon cancer in little country South Carolina. They couldn't have happened. At a better time for me and I'm very much appreciate it -- I'd like to do something -- -- them some time. It also haven't did this mother and daughter in Indianapolis. I was school where thank you so much that she she bears -- so I can't believe it. And there's more its a virtuous viral phenomenon spreading to Nebraska Montana and Missouri Illinois -- Michigan biggest. And Fort Wayne, Indiana. We've had people come -- customers and then they tell their friends succumbing in doing so it's kind of been like a snowball effect right now. It is snowballing and anonymous army bringing cheer to what is often the saddest part of the store. The lay away desk where people leave their holiday gifts everything from toys to TVs to warm coats in -- they can pay them off in full. Mr. -- Saturday tonight Kmart tells us they've had more than a thousand so called lay away angels. Donating more than 400000. Dollars. The place where holiday wishes sometimes come to die. Transform. -- -- Today we start to one of these secret Santas a man from California who gave more than 151000. Dollars. After hearing a radio report about a woman who had done the same in Michigan. I thought I should do that I can I can't do -- and I should do that and -- what a wonderful way to spread some Christmas cheer why so important you to remain anonymous. True charity isn't. Imus and this isn't about me it's about the -- -- we can help you know hardworking honest Americans at a time when that. The economy has been very favorable to us. This by the way in the man who paid -- Christine Sepulveda is bill. I can't believe that I'm so happy thing you've ever seen coming from the colleges and two cars -- and it. It's just great -- someone. Her anonymous donor says the best banks he could receive it was the other -- see this story tonight. And -- on the bandwagon. Six this. For Nightline this is Dan Harris in New York.

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{"id":15203028,"title":"Santa's Little Layaway Helpers","duration":"4:27","description":"In a rash of holiday spirit, \"Secret Santas\" anonymously pay strangers' bills.","url":"/Nightline/video/santas-helpers-layaway-15203028","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}