Want to Save Money on Gas? Grab Your GasBuddy

Website-turned-smartphone app helps users save money at the pump.
3:00 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Want to Save Money on Gas? Grab Your GasBuddy
People are obsessed with sports some people -- movie trivia others collected garden gnomes everybody needs a hobby tonight -- meet one man who is very. Very passionate about local gas prices and this man's fixation -- actually save you some real money here's ABC's -- -- nine. It's an addiction for many across the country who -- gas spotters earning points entering gas prices. -- You might call eight -- are. -- -- -- -- -- -- and seeing as 363. A gallon. So here we are 36 you know 69 OK -- seeing -- spike carried a 376. Now. Finding cheap gas is his passion -- is that why even do. Well for me are good to save other people money -- -- -- everybody in the assembly -- -- that at work until people work. He does that using a Smartphone app called gas buddy. Kathy Nester told us about it last year. Is almost a borderline addiction I mean every time you go buy gas station -- you feel compelled to -- to put the prices to your out. I yeah I guess you could it implement it by an addiction like that -- it's an addiction it's a good thing to be addicted to. For nineteen some -- the go ahead and update that aid does a daily. I have not just eight days and -- -- years and he says the savings using gas buddy does add up. 5600 bucks a year could be more than that for a man who puts 30000 miles a year on his car Sweeney ticket forecast we'll check article and it. And it's some household is a family affair. And cheapest price is -- no -- -- Leslie star wife and mother to. Very actually used I just couldn't let all -- in -- decoding and showed me a list of at least you know 810 places that's -- and -- -- -- -- -- With the price of gas climbing more than thirty cents a gallon in some places. Even led to believe in trying to outsmart the brightest that's -- We have to plan our day and -- we're gonna go shopping and make sure that we hit all the stars and same area just so that we're not tracking all over the town and wasting gas. -- -- Angeles began Tuesday checking the gas prices and then passing on the gospel of cheap gas to his flock. His kids. Hey Jackie are younger way to -- -- there. Okay we'll just let you know the prices for -- -- gas -- recommend you get -- today. So we decided to tag along with Leslie an -- to see what tips these gas gurus could pass -- Number one timing matters. So where somebody thought -- -- ago and in -- -- for the Pentagon. And -- credit card gas is charged onto can be the difference between extra savings or an extra drain. Lot of stations actually we'll charge a surcharge unless -- use their particular gas I. You realize that so if you're paying on your credit card you can sometimes get an extra feet. Yes and so I use a non gasoline company car when I get 5% rebate. Another tip state local. Just because gas is cheaper somewhere don't drive out of your way for it. Does it ever knowing you -- see this time he -- you just don't know well again if there's no up charge yeah I'd be like really PO and I have driven. Like it was fifteen cents a gallon less under and us. So I could fill -- I didn't you know pay too much for gas. Also check your area grocery stores. We had a starter in the area that if you buy certain products they give you discount per gallon -- last -- he's an analyst for gas study. How can an app like gas -- really help you save money can all indeed it's remarkable because a lot of people don't realize how much of a gap that. That exists just in their their local markets and mini metro markets will have gaps anywhere you could be 607080 cents a gallon. Still how can you tell when gas prices are about to start rising to one place in -- at that price goes up and many of -- Much any cards -- -- hold on board gasoline. And as gas prices are expected to keep rising as a summer driving season approaches. These gas but -- believed they are the best weapon a consumer can carry this particular -- -- their prices. In some cases are actually higher than the last BP would -- -- that. Because they camp for Nightline -- nine and Tampa Florida.

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{"id":19246423,"title":"Want to Save Money on Gas? Grab Your GasBuddy","duration":"3:00","description":"Website-turned-smartphone app helps users save money at the pump.","url":"/Nightline/video/save-money-gas-grab-gasbuddy-19246423","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}