Oscars Scene Stealers

Angelina Jolie's leg, J.Lo's wardrobe malfunction and more of the top moments.
3:08 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Oscars Scene Stealers
Some -- -- -- others love the crystal comeback but other than the Academy Awards name one program that can convince forty million Americans to stay up late just to watch French people be happy. But here's how they do it every year they get very famous very beautiful people -- on very tight clothing. And they turn on the cameras. And when a single -- steals the show we call ABC's David Wright. It wasn't even nominated. Last night she stole the show here are the nominees for adapted screenplay rather her right leg stole the -- -- as -- Inspiring the best adapted screenplay winners to adapt their stance to hurt. This was no wardrobe malfunction. Angelina Jolie favors the leggy look she knew exactly what she was doing. On the red carpet she struck that uncomfortably wide stance often enough. -- today her -- started to multiply. That -- photo shop and Twitter. While the Oscars were still on the air. That Angie is right leg. Was already its own Twitter account more than 20000. Followers and counting. Way more than. Today that right leg was everywhere. The tanks in Tiananmen square would surely have stopped in their tracks Angelina is away the pepper -- guys probably would have -- -- those four students for a quick fluff today Angelina -- leg tiptoed into the last supper. Nudged George Washington's rowboat across the Delaware earned whistler -- mom wolf whistles and one small step for man one. Giant leap for -- has lagged the writer with the leg up on everyone. Starting this nationally tag -- it was immediately called on the carpet for you guys are the first to start a huge trend which is called Joseph Lee -- I just saw propose and I thought you know. We have exactly the same legs and I wanted to show everyone -- What it meant no less than it was a it was a loving tribute it was more like -- stand great in my Stanley that do. Today Angelina Jolie might well have been wishing she'd heated Ben Stiller is -- -- it's. You don't want to -- senator tries to -- You mean like. Like a guy who address -- -- -- -- Jefferson. In a way she did exactly what his star is supposed to do she struck a pose and got some attention. But not necessarily the reaction she was looking for. They Angelina is right lag I'm David Wright for Nightline.

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{"id":15805631,"title":"Oscars Scene Stealers","duration":"3:08","description":"Angelina Jolie's leg, J.Lo's wardrobe malfunction and more of the top moments.","url":"/Nightline/video/scene-stealers-predictable-oscars-15805631","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}